The city economic information Commission, the Municipal Council organized, Li Ka Convention and exhibition company to host 2016 17th State international machinery exhibition opening of the Chongqing International Exhibition Center on May 11, four-day exhibition will lead to many new technologies, new equipment, new technology, promote the exchange of market and industry development. There are now more than more than 1000 exhibitors Desktops wholesaler, from the United States, and Japan, and Korea, and Germany, and Spain in more than 10 countries, and China's Taiwan, Hong Kong hundreds of well-known exhibitors, about 2000 pieces (sets) of advanced mechanical processing equipment, tens of thousands of industrial automation and robotics, functional parts, hardware tools, such as live shows.

Introduction of the Organizing Committee, will be held over the same period more than more than 10 technical sessions and special annual meeting, Forum, salon, show advanced and practical technology and processes, provide a variety of types of smart equipment, intelligence and intelligent solutions. So, what this exhibition are worth watching? Reporters inquire in advance to the convenience of attendees visiting the exhibition map.

N1: show new ideas international intelligent manufacturing companies to bring high-end machine tools show

Efficient intelligent production line efficiency of automobile gear up 10 times: reporters learned that Chongqing machine tool group demonstrate intelligent production line of one gear 2Dx200 gear, became one of the highlights of the show.

This line is composed by several sets of CNC machine tools and gear cutting machine, process are connected by horizontal-type robot, and able to achieve gear from rough to the whole process of product processing. The line is handsome in appearance, reasonable layout, not only high levels of processing (processing five-stage gear), and more efficient than single 10~20 times more processing.

7th-generation CNC Mazak smooth technology devices: Japan Yamazaki Mazak Corporation is a SMOOTH technology Yamazaki Mazak CNC device more than 30 years of development into the 7th generation of the latest technology, new software and hardware configuration, achieving superior high speed, high precision, high quality processing.

The device uses a touch-screen operation, and new dialog-style programming using 3D models. Smooth, pleasant experience and process management, and more intelligent features, intelligent platform in the Internet age, easily achieve intelligent factory.

Germany SW carrying efficient horizontal more spindle processing Center first debut State Ka exhibition: Germany SW company displayed of a Taiwan BAW06-22 horizontal processing center, double spindle double table configuration, spindle speed highest can up 17,500 turned/points, positioning precision can up 0.008~0.004mm, repeat positioning precision can up 0.004mm, table size 675x1430mm, into to speed can up 100 meters/points, can processing 600kg of parts, the machine appearance beautiful, and layout fine road , High precision and efficiency.

MAKINO products "established" in a "horizontal" crafting: Exhibition Japan Makino will bring the latest research and production of the A40 horizontal machining center and ps65 next-generation general-purpose vertical machining center exhibition. This is "established" in a "bedroom" with their own characteristics.

A40 horizontal machining center for automotive and industrial parts, electronic appliances, hardware tools, medical devices in the field, is also ideal for processing common die casting. PS65 vertical machining center adopts high-performance spindle and linear guide rail mechanical knots of tillage, which ensures machining precision, and ensure flexibility, stability and rigidity, even under full load conditions can maintain precise moves.

N2: debut of advanced manufacturing equipment helped push the transformation and upgrading of enterprises

Robot technology combined with the precision of digital machine to reach: industrial robots and automation Pavilion brings together the world's most influential companies participating, like Fanuc, ABB, KUKA, number of Yi Tuowei, China, Guangzhou, Yaskawa and so on.

According to the Organizing Committee introduced, exhibitors will showcase robots with different functions, each has its own characteristics. Such as ABB displayed industrial robots, flexible movements, speed, repeat accuracy up to 0.1. Guangzhou numerical control equipment of respectively 5 industrial robot demonstration machining processes the connection, transfer of workpiece machining, grinding and polishing of parts and parts. Believe that in the near future, liberated from heavy manual labor Labor's wish may be realized.

Industrial Internet technology vendor groups unveiled at the State Fair: industrial technology is the Internet of things "industrial 4.0", "made in China" 2025 "," Internet + "core content is the key technology for intelligent manufacturing, smart factory.

This reporter has learned that this exhibition of Li Ka industrial Internet technology provider groups participating for the first time, exhibitor representative dawn Conway, Kuang En technology, sea, green technology, Huawei, Datang technology industry and other enterprises. Related technical forums and seminars will be held earlier.

Interpretation of intelligent manufacturing intelligent machining system i5: Shenyang machine tool group will showcase the "intelligent machining system i5" Shenyang machine tool in the "made in China" 2025 "under the background of national strategies, developed the world's first machine with network intelligence to a new interpretation of the concept of intelligent manufacturing.

The system makes industrial machine "can talk, can thinking", from parts design (or mapping) began, then will design figure and the data, or parts measurement data, entered machine computer and the control system, soon on will in machine terminal production out real, whole "wisdom manufacturing" process will in exhibition Shang demonstrates, achieved has professional, and information, and network, and integrated of of effective integrated, industrial efficiency upgrade 20%.

N3: show debut boutique products to technology innovation

Domestic independent starting of leaves processing center debut State Ka exhibition: this exhibition Shang, Chengdu Prius will show recently development of domestic first Taiwan Px500 type leaves processing center, the machine used five axis linkage configuration has b axis and c axis, once loaded clip can completed rough, and half fine and fine processing process, and precision can up 5 silk around (world most high for 3~4 silk), is currently domestic leading of processing equipment.

Small tool finishing carving machine unveiled at the State Fair: Beijing jingdiao machines on display focusing on finishing of small cutting tools, will be exhibiting carving CNC, engraving machine JDVT600-A125 is a small tool for milling, drilling, grinding machines ideal for measurement.

N5: the online intelligent detecting system for three dimensional display

For a better helping enterprise manufacturing intelligence, this exhibition will feature many measuring devices, as well as advanced measurement techniques. Advanced measurement techniques can help manufacturing sector to improve productivity and improve product quality.

Hexagon measurement technologies (Switzerland), is a world-class manufacturer of coordinate measurement, this exhibition shows the horizontal arm measuring machine and the robot, as well as activities of G10,7MINI type CNC bridge type CMM, equipped with trigger and scanning technology, and precision measurement of complex parts can be of various types, the intelligent measurement and control system will be able to complete 100% of all surfaces and key characteristics of online testing.
In addition, world-known companies such as Windsor, Edward, Faro, SI Shui measurement providing inspection solutions in different industries, sharing and efficient measure of wisdom.

N7: building precision of mold industry demonstration area

Chongqing lijia and mould industry association show the dazzling effect of the Organizing Committee to create "mold industrial demonstration area of lean manufacturing", intelligent manufacturing steps for the first time moved to the show, from the mold design, manufacture, process, application, on-site Exchange consisting of five units.

The demonstration area will focus on dynamic display of world-leading 3D print, reverse, product and mould design and development process, B2B China Trade as well as the world-leading 4.0 based on industry standard precision mold automation and flexible manufacturing systems.
N8: high efficiency and low cost of China-made laser cutting machine will appear on

Han's laser is the leader of domestic brand fiber laser cutting machine, this exhibition will showcase production of newly developed G3015F on fiber laser cutting machine and MPS can exceed the laser cutting machine. This series of cutting machine with high speed, high efficiency, low energy consumption, low maintenance characteristics of cut parts.


On the 8th Exhibition of enterprises including Yahweh, macro, laser, Dee, Yangzhou forging, Sanko, Shen Yang, andejianqi, Chu-day. While Wuhan China optical Valley laser industry association, Chongqing Metalforming Association and Guangzhou sheet metal industry associations were also involved in organizing work.