In the current trade situation is complicated severe downward pressure increased, economic circumstances, jiaozuo, Bureau of foreign trade how to break? How to take "Web development"? The morning of March 14, Director of international strategy, the national development and Reform Commission, e-commerce center of Commerce distinguished lecturer, vividly to Yun Zheng Yuhong, head of business group network, Kitchen Cabinets Directory with the theme of cross-border e-commerce and development in jiaozuo, theory and practice, for the city enterprises and a lesson on the responsible comrades of the relevant departments.

For many people, cross-border e-commerce may be a new term. Generally speaking, cross-border e-commerce is through e-commerce platform deal, payment settlement, and through cross-border logistics service commodities, an international commercial transaction. Besides the traditional import and export trade, use of cross-border e-commerce and other new models the development of foreign trade has become the new engine of stable growth in foreign trade. Talk about present situation and the future development of cross-border e-commerce trends, Zheng Yuhong explaining to visitors. In recent years, the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce, international trade has become a new ways and means for expanding overseas marketing channels, enhancing brand competitiveness, transformation and upgrading of foreign trade is of great and far-reaching significance.

On January 12, the State Council officially issued a circular on the establishment of cross-border e-commerce in 12 cities, including Tianjin experimental region for comprehensive reply, agreed to set up China (Zhengzhou) integrated cross-border e-commerce area, jiaozuo, Kaifeng, Luoyang and Nanyang will serve as pilot cities to carry out cross-border B2B e-commerce Assortment operations. This development brings opportunities for cross-border e-commerce in jiaozuo, injecting vitality gives transformation and upgrading of foreign trade.

Zheng Yuhong said currently, external economic recovery is weak, international market competition, domestic factors of production costs rise, decline in export prices, in such circumstances, jiaozuo to made new achievements in foreign trade, must grasp three things:

A bear caught "Internet +" development opportunities. 1.35 million Internet users, Internet penetration rate is about 38%, the scale of online shoppers more than 400,000 ... ... From these figures that, jiaozuo as zone one of the core area of the city, has a good foundation for the development of e-commerce environment. In the "Internet +" become a national economic context of top design, jiaozuo to hold Internet "+" opportunity, based on traditional industries, such as fur, automobile parts, chemicals, machinery and other traditional industries; mining blue ocean markets, such as new energy emerging industries such as automotive, Internet of things, intelligent manufacturing State, and further widen the development path.

Second, the active integration into the "along the way" strategy. "Along the way," allow enterprises to go out and have a broader platform and opportunity, jiaozuo should promote "along the way" along the trade between the countries and regions to further strengthen the market, commodities, investment, technology, trade information, exchanges and cooperation in various fields such as free trade zone, expand the depth and breadth of economic and trade cooperation.

Thirdly, promoting County territory economic development. Jiaozuo should based location, and traffic, and industry, and resources, advantage, according to "a park, and a district, and two Hong Kong, and more points" of regional layout thought, formed to make cloud e-commerce industry Park and business center district for Center, BOAI, and qinyang, and Wen, and mengzhou for left of features rural e-commerce industry with, xiuwu County, and wuzhi County, for right of tourism electric business and electric business logistics industry with, promote County domain economic linkage development.

Industrial transformation and upgrading, as an important starting point, jiaozuo, a lot of enterprises, especially small and micro enterprises at the same time adhere to offline sales, have stepped into the power business, the advantages of online sales via the Internet. However, how to use the Internet, have any successful experiences could be used, where talent and a series of problems of traditional enterprises. In this regard, said Zheng Yuhong, development or to cross-border e-commerce to promote enterprise restructuring, to do two things: one is to take the platform or by platform to influence people's behavior and habits; the second is to build a brand, let people see it, and be able to accurately select.

Entrepreneurs both attentively and actively interact with experts. "Listening to the lecture of our electrical contractor firm confidence in the transition, but also lets us see their deficiencies in e-commerce. "Cresun machinery company supervisor told Xinhua, although online sales more than last year, but below the line than there are few, which means there is plenty room for improvement. Bai Qinghai was from mengzhou in fur business, his company has dabbled in business for 5 years, met with overseas warehouse, cash flow, sales cycle, and several other problems. Zheng Yuhong to his suggestions, Bai Qinghai are very satisfactory.

2015 is a blowout year for cross-border e-commerce development, the new "air" has been formed. Said Zheng Yuhong, net cloud as a famous cross-border e-commerce service platform company, the first in China to launch the "cross-border" new model, using powerful language, integration of the 128 countries and more than 200 foreign well known e-commerce platform, for the majority of enterprises to provide "one-stop" Wholesale marketplace online global product marketing support services. NET cloud business cooperation with jiaozuo almost 2 years from 2014, formally signed last June with the mengzhou, jointly build Meng Zhou cross-border e-commerce platform. Hope next to cooperate with enterprises in jiaozuo, jointly established the traditional enterprise and Internet technology combined with the new model, a new model.

"Standing on ' Internet +' the tide, status and highlights the growing role of electronic commerce in international trade, cross-border e-commerce has become the new norm of foreign trade on a ' dark horse ', bound to the city's industrial transformation and upgrading of foreign trade played a positive role. "E-commerce development services Center Director Tian Maocheng said. This year, the city has been part of China (Zhengzhou) cross-border e-commerce pilot city for comprehensive experimental area, the German cross-border e-commerce industry Park, Korea also actively building projects such as cross-border e-commerce platform, these are the city's cross-border business development has laid a solid foundation.