International e-commerce and global information in the process of rapid development of economic globalization, Global B2B marketplace and its development has greatly promoted the development of international trade. This article on the development of international electronic commerce, international e-commerce in international trade and to study and predict the impact on international trade.

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With the development of international electronic commerce. Basis of human trade, will no longer be on quantity of product. But the ownership of technology and knowledge, international e-commerce using electronic information technology to solve problems, create business opportunities and explore the margins, with a global market, characterized by Exchange of goods and services among the countries of the world of international trade. With incomparable advantages which make complex international trade more convenient, fast, and international e-commerce in international trade, making its advantages more fully reflected.

First, the rise of international e-commerce

International e-commerce in the business 20 years ago when they began actively promoting the electronic data exchange, electronic data interchange (EDI for short) originated 60 United States Ford Motor Company made electronic data interchange standards for the enterprise internal management. 70, United States automobile and other industries developed industry EDI standards. 80 's, z applied after the trade. Known as paperless trade, international trade buyers and sellers of business documents in a standard format for transmission, greatly improved the speed of document processing. Improve the productivity and competitiveness of enterprises. Since the 90 's, appeared more and more economic and trade activities on the Internet--via the Internet query, procurement, product, advertising, subscription, electronic payment and other Internet activities, along with the rapid development of these Internet activities, as a true international e-commerce in the modern sense emerges, and trendy quickly into a global business.

Second, the international impact of electronic commerce on international trade

In the mid 1990 of the 20th century, the Internet began to achieve commercial, thus creating a modern sense of international electronic commerce. International wide application of electronic commerce in international trade, causing a series of changes in the international trade, and plays an active role in promoting.

(A) in international trade in goods and influence. International e-commerce to international trade, compared with traditional international trade in goods. The transaction reaches the ideal State, the universal transaction procedures are as follows, first of all, before the transaction, the traditional trade through trade fairs, press information, television advertising, and even friends and family referral to find trade partners, and international e-commerce in a variety of business online and look for trading opportunities, its vast sources of information is as compared to traditional trade.

(B) international trade operation and application and effects in the environment. "Virtual market". Online ordering, online sales, online negotiations, multinational corporations internal network sales opened a new direction of development of international trade. Electronic data interchange project is the combination of information technology and social service system, importers and exporters of goods using spreadsheet customs clearance, commodity inspection, insurance, transport, settlement, greatly reduces manpower, material and time consumption, reducing circulation costs and transaction costs, reduce intermediate links, and accelerates the pace of international trade. This virtual information exchange, has opened up a new market space, breaking the traditional markets must exist in a certain geographical prerequisites.

(C) in the main business application and effects of international trade. "Virtual companies" appears. Modern information and communication technologies through a single company's core technology in their respective specialty area. Jointly by the companies and company networks, to complete a corporate market cannot function, you can more effectively provide goods and services to the market. This new type of business organization in the capital does not have the power to force companies to contact, but assume a certain amount of information with certain entities. Strategic Alliance in this "virtual companies" forms, dynamic networking portfolio to find resources and through open systems Alliance, achieving "the hypothesized management", to adapt to the changing economic environment and development towards the individuality and diversity of consumer demand trends, brings to the Multinational Division, complement each other, resources used, the benefits of shared interests.

(D) the application and effects of international trade management. International e-commerce system based on computer network technology, the use of information technology to transform the traditional trade, the conclusion of a modern way of trading services, provide a more complete market information for international trade environment, by international trade to achieve the optimal allocation of resources and factors of production across borders, so as to enable the market mechanism to play its role more effectively. This breakthrough the traditional trade dominated by one-way logistics operation patterns. Realized based on logistics, capital flow to forms, information flow at the core, business flow of "four in one" a new strategy. In computer network Shang for import and export provides including import and export agent customs, and inspection, and warehouse transport, for content of logistics as package service system of carrier, constantly to network member provides trade information advisory, and market analysis, and imports products of bonded show and warehouse, and online marketing and advertising publicity, service, in world around established agent sales network, for manufacturer and trade business created opportunities, and provides sold Hou of import and export service.

(V) the structure of the application and impact of international trade organizations. Direct contact between producers and users and consumers via the Internet, make timely delivery system, and "zero-stock" production is achieved, commodity flows more smoothly. Ask information network became the largest business. International trade in and out of El as the medium of sale of goods between States challenged traditional ways. Formed by asymmetric information of principal-agent relationship and ways shaken, trade brokers, agents and specialized import and export companies with relatively lower, triggering international trade structure in the middle of revolution.

(Vi) application and impact on foreign trade corporations and production enterprises. International e-commerce has the following three advantages, advertising, information functions, business functions.

(VII) to the international division of labour and the application and impact of intra-firm trade. The development of information and network technology to promote horizontal international division of labor among developed countries. Online materials, funds, technical personnel and other factors of production scheduling and control, enabled TNCs through the network potential between parent and subsidiary companies. Give full play to their capacity, resources and talent. Promoting the development of intra-firm international division of labor. The online "virtual reality" technology allows worldwide companies and enterprises are the direct production and coordination. Makes the development of productive forces increasingly beyond national boundaries, forming the internationalization of production. The widening and deepening of the international division of Labour led to the finished and semi-finished products in rapid flow between countries and regions, thereby promoting the growth of international trade.

(VIII) application and impact on world trade. Modern industrial product replacement rate, shortened product life cycles, the technological content of products improved. In an increasingly competitive international market, information technology development and popularization of this played a contributory role. Any new results appear immediately "household names", as the industry goal of catching up. Information technologies used in product development and production, promoting the trade of related products, and increasing international trade.

(I) to promote the application and impact of the expansion of world trade in services. Modern information technology breakthrough time and space limitation, providers of services trade is not out of the country will be able to provide international services to customers in other countries. Meanwhile, Hula Chair can also undertake operations from different countries without having to worry about international travel and scheduling problems.

Four, China's foreign trade strategy of enterprise e-commerce needs, breakthrough, and

(A) market-oriented enterprise e-business applications is the Informationization of China's enterprises focus of trans-century
There is a serious question must be answered, in the era of globalization of information, how to get China's e-business success, we after 10 years of practice and study. Main driving force is the enterprise e-commerce development in China, and found that China's e-commerce needs to be based on the market, the survey shows that despite the Informationization of China's enterprises generally lack the market as the core, but is based on 16%, growth of internal management information application applications to external market information, market-oriented enterprise applications is the electronic commerce in China cross-century hot and body.

(B) enterprises, China International e-commerce is e-commerce application breach of
As you know, China's market economy is still in the primary stage, enterprise information level is still low, objectively speaking in the domestic market-oriented e-commerce application is in full swing, despite the possibility of fast development. Popularity take quite some time to complete, and is affected by many factors, but is not very good, but in the field of international business, international e-commerce strategy is in full swing is the real breakthrough of China enterprise e-business applications.

(C) international e-commerce strategies and programmes must comply with the conditions
Development of e-commerce in China must adhere to the conditions of the road, the concept should be relaxed. What are China International e-commerce needs, according to a survey 95% of exporters believe that electronic commerce should concentrate on how to help create the world trade opportunities and opening up the international market. Most enterprises do not care whether the business achieve EDI operations. Therefore, the China International e-commerce strategies and solutions should be to meet the real needs of Chinese enterprises as a starting point, not to pursue in the near future whether specific narrow aspects of paperless trading and online payments.

Five, the China international electronic commerce promoting foreign trade strategy

For a country's terms of trade development, opportunity and challenge of international e-commerce is. Both opportunities and challenges. International trade and e-commerce to replace the traditional way has become an irreversible trend. As a developing country, China's rapid development of international e-commerce only, may occupy a position in the trade competition in the 2l century, winning with developed countries the opportunity to stand on the same starting line.

(A) speed up the construction of information infrastructure
International e-commerce in a country's development depends on the complete information infrastructure as a foundation. At present, 80 international e-commerce sales, in the United States. United States dominance in the competition is its capital, high technology inputs and complete information infrastructure as a basis. "Information poverty" is considered a bottleneck in the economic development of developing countries in the next century, and backward in information infrastructure construction in China, has the potential to cause us to lose the international impact of electronic commerce on economic development opportunities. Widening the gap with the developed countries in the competition. In order to promote the development of international electronic commerce. To speed up the construction of information infrastructure at the same time, more effective use of existing network resources. Must obtain (1) breaking industry segmentation system, improving resource efficiency, (2) reform of the existing system and bring down the exorbitant charges.

(B) stronger research on key technologies of
Current around with confidential technology, and security management, and CA certification and the electronic paid, key technology of research, parties should strengthening contact, and close cooperation, and common development, change domestic network "living" of situation, early achieved domestic network interconnected, established up national foreign trade dedicated information network, then has plans, and has Organization to achieved with United Nations trade information network and the other international business information network of networking, and strive to in more short of time within makes China of technology research power has a obviously of improve.

(C) promote public awareness
In the process of development of international electronic commerce, Government support, encouragement and guidance is essential, this is the implementation of international e-commerce compared the success of common experience. China's weak government information awareness. Although the Central Government has been formed in April 1998, the Ministry of information industry, local governments at all levels to the global impact of the wave of information that may be brought about awareness, lack of initiative in the promotion activities of international e-commerce, measures are not effective, and did not play its due role. At present, international e-commerce in China is still in the initial stage, we must give full play to the guiding and promoting role.

(D) promoting enterprises ' Informationization
Enterprise is the implementation of the important subject of international e-commerce, Enterprise necessary to take part in the development of international electronic commerce. But at present, the reform of China's enterprises are in a critical stage. In enterprise management and leadership, employee ideas, there is no real transition from a planned economy to a market economy. No good benefit and internal factors to Development Foundation, will inevitably lead to enterprise information awareness, lack of development of international e-commerce initiatives.

(E) strengthen research and formulation of laws and regulations
Current international trade law were made based on the traditional mode of trade, many of its provisions do not apply to international e-commerce on the international development of e-commerce will bring many difficult obstacles to overcome. In order to ensure the development of international electronic commerce. International e-business development and related network management, information security, financial settlement, protection of intellectual property rights and other issues, should accelerate the pace of modifications of existing laws, the timely development, new trade regulations.

(F) active participation in international cooperation and dialogue
International e-commerce broke the spatial and temporal boundaries, speeding up the process of global economic integration. International e-commerce, such as tariffs and tax, uniform commercial code, intellectual property protection, and a series of new issues, strengthened dialogue and cooperation among States. For international dialogue activities, notwithstanding the participation of the Government, but not positive.

(G) participation in international conventions and trading partner agreements

Six, conclusion

The information economy is described from the perspective of information economy, description of the information from the economic angle, from the industrial society of the industrial economy, transition to the information economy of the information society, which is a form of economic change. The inclusion of economic change, and even covers the industrial society at the turn of the century--in the transformation process of the knowledge society, economy, socio-economic structure and economic growth cut throat internal management of socio-economic changes, the existing macro and micro.

In this transformation process, international e-commerce is an important key instruments and measures, because it is a bridge between information technology and traditional economy, huge impact on world economic development and the competitive landscape. From the attitude of States for international e-business development strategy and planning, you can glimpse. Development of international e-commerce is not only a technical issue, but also to the national economy, the important issues of social development.

Seems all the opportunities and challenges co-exist, international e-commerce in China's foreign trade is concerned, Super Quality Mobile Earphone is not only an unprecedented opportunity. An unprecedented challenge. China is in the period of economic reform, construction of market system is still in progress. The reform of State-owned enterprises are at a critical stage. Coupled with the management system of international electronic commerce itself. International legal issues of electronic commerce, security, and the quality of personnel in conducting international e-commerce requirements, are currently engaged in international e-commerce in China's enterprises at all levels of management, banking, information, economic and trade Management Department and engaged in research on theories and methods of workers must face and solve problems.


Changing international trade environment is not hesitant to who. International e-commerce under the avalanche of great. Both small and large businesses, and the foreign trade policy, are under tremendous pressure. Under the benign interaction of China at the beginning of the world, should seize the opportunity. International e-commerce for cutting, relying on international trade, in the whole of the national economy to a new level. Make a difference in a new world economy.