Although TPP has excluded China, but the Chinese Government's open attitude to TPP, to comply with World Trade Organization rules, system-building contribute to the promotion of regional economic integration in the Asia-Pacific are welcomed. Currently China is deepening reform, and strive to create a more open and fair competition environment. In this context, China does not rule out future, where conditions permit, case, consider joining the TPP agreement, and is willing to work with the United States in the framework of the multilateral trading system, strengthen cooperation on global trade rules, promoting regional and global economic development.

The current Sino-US relations has gone beyond the bilateral scope, growing global influence. This year, the United States as China's biggest export market, its sustained economic recovery will boost bilateral trade climbed, particularly Chinese exports to the United States. According to Chinese customs statistics, in January-November this year, Sino-US trade volume reached 508 billion dollars Server, representing a growth of 1.1%. Among them, China's imports from the United States $ 133.8 billion, down 6.5%, exported 374.2 billion US dollars, an increase of 4.1%. Despite the appreciation of the strength of the dollar and other factors, China this year since the United States imports fell slightly, but the State of Sino-US trade in the global trade slump is still maintained good development trend, United States remains one of the largest export growth among major trading partners, China remained United States's second-largest trading partner and third largest export market and largest source of imports.

Bilateral investment treaty (BIT) negotiations have now entered the fast lane. In September, President XI Jinping of China to the United States for a State visit, both sides reiterate their investment agreements reached a high level as a matter of bilateral economic and trade relations are the most important consensus and commitment to advance the negotiations and speed up the pace of work. Has completed negotiations on a BIT of text between the two countries, and exchanged two negative list had just finished 23rd round of negotiations of the two countries. After the agreement, Sino-US bilateral economic and trade cooperation will enjoy more preferential policies, B2B Wholesale directory and better legal protection. BIT will be a major reform in China's foreign investment management system, so that Sino-US economic and trade relations to a new height, will also have a profound impact on both sides as well as global investment patterns.