Women's competitive landscape analysis

On the whole, women's increased competition in the industry, development of integrated, poised and sublime characteristics, trends in survival of the fittest is taking shape. Big business in product development, technological innovation and environmental protection has the advantage, Slippers wholesaler so a good momentum of development.

(A) the polarization phenomenon of the enterprises, industrial concentration gradually increase.

Business shoes industry as a mature of traditional industry, into threshold low, competition full, for marketing network perfect has independent brand of large shoes enterprises, full using network advantage and brand advantage, achieved has fast development; and some no independent brand and independent marketing network, and independent development design capacity weak of small shoes enterprises only designed thing processing production, participation with quality low price competition, was forced to gradually exit market. Increasing market share of top brand shoes, cheap brands are difficult to survive.

(B) the changes in consumer attitudes and demands, with the increase of consumption.

In the case of consumer consumption and fashion-conscious, brand shoes has been a significant increase in demand. Consumer demand for high-end share increases, and low demand is reduced, the pursuit of fashion grew so intense that requirements on product design, quality and visibility improved. Consumer demand for personalized, fashionable shoes, casual, avant-garde fashion, nationalization, and tendency to consumers in different cultures, income, age, status, there will be a choice of different brands, price selection, style, selection, variety, and timing of women's shoe market matures.

(C) international brands to break into China's market.

In recent years, international and Taiwan shoe brand in the sharp increase in the volume of domestic consumption, especially in the high-grade leather shoes on, these overseas brands showing strong growth momentum. United States, and Italy and other countries well-known brands, organized collection footwear market in China, according to Chinese foot type and preferences, design shoes style, pay close attention to break into China's market.

(D) network and sales channels become the focus of competition in the market.

Marketing network and the sales terminal building, is the weakness of the domestic brands. Throughout 20 years to China shoes class market of tide up tide fell, China business shoes industry in experience has manufacturers direct, and Mall sell, and manufacturers Associates, and agent distribution and chain monopoly, series sales channel of change Hou, with Shang century 90 generation shoes industry market competition order of gradually established and specification, China shoes industry also experience has one to channel change for Center of again shuffle, sales channel increasingly flat of, sales channel increasingly short, marketing dot is increasingly more. Short sales channels, increasing shoe on the channel and Terminal control; marketing outlets, increased product sales and visibility. More and more shoe companies inclined to expand and control Terminal marketing network, to master the sales initiative. Large shoe marketing skills and marketing networks to improve the competitive advantage is increasingly prominent, which has more than 1000 sales outlets with large shoe brand quickly developed into the Chinese shoe industry's leading companies.

(E) Department store shoe retailer in the main channel.

Shoe retail channels most often is that the Department store counters, wholesale stores, markets, supermarkets and other forms, as department store holding up the one in control, so shoe department store counters the main retail channel. With large numbers of Taiwan, Japan, and Singapore, Europe, retailers set up large-scale comprehensive shopping malls and large retail supermarket in the country, the original domestic market dominated by State-owned Mall companies patterns were quickly broken. For example, Pacific Department store, Ocean department store, parkson shopping malls, Mall, Sogo department store, in the new world, the country has about more than more than 80 foreign or joint venture department store, and is mostly urban retail industry pacesetter. Under the new structure, foreign-owned or joint venture department store with the original department stores with a major channel of high-end footwear.

(Vi) concerned about the trend, strengthening independent research and development.

Domestic shoe makers began to focus on international fashion elements, learning international trade rules. Many enterprises at home and abroad has a research and Development Center, the recruitment of top designers, according to the society and change an element of fashion of the times, constantly introduce the latest fashion shoes, into line with the international fashion.

(VII) strengthening supply chain management, reducing logistics costs.

Rapid development of information technologies makes supply-chain management becoming strategic options for further improving competitiveness, overall planning flow in the supply chain, logistics and information flow, capital flow and the link be integrated, Enterprise, high quality, low cost to meet customer needs in a timely manner.

(VIII) export trade disputes and challenges in international competition.

Low shoes product brand awareness in China, Women's Shoes wholesaler trade is not mature as China's shoe mass into the international market, Chinese shoe exports will be entering an era of rising trade friction. Trade frictions will make China's footwear exports slowed, to those who do not own-brand and sales network of industry and trade has bombarded shoe. Domestic enterprises gradually adjusting product structure, improving product quality and grades, and reshape the good image of China's shoe industry, increase the added value of products. Output from output to the export of products, brands, with excellent quality, reasonable price and international brands compete in the world market.