Recently, Bedroom Bed wholesaler cross-border e-commerce implementation details of the new deal has been finalized, according to the rules, all cross-border e-commerce businesses need to dock with the upcoming national customs system, and again for the record, supervision of users ' personal information may also be sent by enterprises. In addition, the new system for cross-border e-commerce after sales opened the return function.

New system of operation and implementation of the new policies which impact on cross-border e-commerce enterprises? In this regard, and cross-border IT services provider, service provider Shanghai Zhong Weiguo, co-founder of the dialogue in Ant city, new operational level issues that may arise are discussed.

Brief introduction to Shanghai Ant City: ants city as the country's first cross-border imports of IT solution providers, service of nearly 200 companies, mainly covering B2C Mall, B2B2C platform, WAP/micro-Mall, APP, ERP system and DRP system, WMS, CRM, consultants, outsourcing, implementation, and related software development.

Zhong Weiguo: nationally, the current cross-border e-commerce business does best is Guangzhou, Ningbo, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Zhengzhou cities, while the South is considerably ahead in cross-border e-commerce market, choose Guangzhou as the pilot.

: The current customs system where is the difference?

Zhong Weiguo: customs systems is similar in functionality, but different developers. After the approval of the General Administration of customs, the system is made by Governments alone, but also want their data to be in our own hands. Into a unified national version of the system, the most direct benefit is easy to manage, data can also realize the common customs.

: The connection with national systems, what are the important and difficult?

Zhong Weiguo: service providers, customs in Guangzhou before the interface will be null and void. Service providers need under the new deal, at the end of March to complete all the development and testing work on April 8 and the new system before docking. So that after the implementation of the new deal, all our customers are able to quickly and accurately access the new customs system.

Technically, in addition to the tax system and the Mall outside the trading system needs to be redesigned and built, and without too much difficulty. But now, less than a month from April 8, only, time was tense. But Guangzhou is only the first step in the new deal, other cities after customs system, we need to with them separately and then docking, so the workload is quite large.

For e-commerce enterprises, entities and goods must be again for the record, is a big project.

: Electrical industry enterprises of this record and previous record again what's the difference?

Zhong Weiguo: the difference is not very big, and not because of system changes and led to changes in requirements for qualification. On line after the new system across the country, customs administrations have business enterprises still need to separately in the customs documents.

: Return features of the new system is how to do this?

Zhong Weiguo: consumers return applications launched in the e-commerce platform, returned to the platform or specifies the customs warehousing of goods; platform will order and return logistics platform through the ERP system and the Customs dock. Returned following the work carried out in the customs warehouse.

: News, bonded goods allocation in the region will be implemented, what do you think about this?

Zhong Weiguo: this is a good news. For businesses, stock itself is working, if the lock is not conducive to business, after all, big companies, storage and risk control ability is limited. With the strengthening of regulatory, cross border B2B transactions may also be opened, there may be a number of BPB marketing platform on the line this year, distribution business.

: With the implementation of tax reform, and mail tax is to be raised, what do you think this will affect the patterns of cross-border e-commerce?

Zhong Weiguo: mail tax will also rise, but overall still good post pass. Stocking pattern will be heavy category, profit margins are relatively low, compared to direct mail mode better. On regulation, I don't think regulation of direct mail will suddenly become very strict policy is to support cross-border e-commerce, not sealed road.

Everyone in the discussion of quota for 20000 RMB/year, B2B marketplace for sourcing will certainly have an impact, spending many years exceeded this number. But orders and payments and did not require uniform, also depends on how the next regulation. I believe the limit of 20000 is temporary, after the line will once again increase.