Invest now,be fashion stylish forever--believed in the "investment classic, fashionable life", women were believed in the "cure-all"! "throughout the history of fashion, match has always been avant-pop of the Lady tide people's Congress leader. The beginning of spring Computer Bag wholesaler, small daojun legend with a close review of popular half a century It bag.

NO.1 city socialite women bags

The old saying goes, is the women next face. Both big show and in the street photography, classic modified evolution continues to be valued by the general public of fashionable way, tired of repeated forced can bring waves of higher force!

Recommended reasons: Li Ting u-profile commuter worthy female Darling

Why: the sweet woman good, vintage Butterfly ornaments for you add feminine

Scarecrow sweet leather purse women's long genuine new ladies fashion more than 30 percent young money clip
Recommended reasons: simple yet atmospheric small round package vigor

NO.2 mini Sicilian women bags

Popular little sweet feelings is welcomed by all the celebrity Lady's popularity, with the changing times and added a lot of new tricks. Spring Amoi which is strong, not belong to small and exquisite Sicilian handbags. Symbolizing the beautiful Sicilian woman IT BAG universal fashion as spring, it's natural not to pick the minimalist style was estimated as 2016 bags in spring and summer wardrobes.

Recommended reasons: Legend of an IT BAG handles, impeccable wood

Mini locomotive NO.3 women bags

Originator in the package, one of the "locomotive" in the fashion industry has been in a standing position, after it emerged from punk fashion, with daring uninhibited personality swept the globe. In today's tide leading fashion patterns, attention it sublimation of evolution among the mini ranks, believe that vitality is full it will blockbuster again, captured Lady hipster heart.

Recommended reasons: the steel Roses of a double row of rivets can be righteous fighter screen

Scarecrow women bags handbags-fall 2015 the new wave European fashion rivet handbag business killers Pack bag
Recommended reasons: light perfume mini package prints elements is sufficient for you to play a few years

NO.4 anime style handbag

Women are emotional creatures, yearning for all things Sun. Fashion accessories CD Bag & Case Directory in recent years there have been a number of animal element items, vivid personality shapes make cute heart Daihatsu. Alternative styling makes it stand out in the hundreds of classic tide package, won the national people's Congress endorsed unanimously by the Lady. Fight gear, fight baby, pet spell, than do it yourself!

Recommended reasons: multifunctional carry back your ever-changing shapes, talk to hold, it is still warm. Kiss it!