Boao Forum for Asia annual Conference 2016 23rd "Asian Economic Outlook index 2016." The index report shows, in pulling the economic mechanisms for trade and investment in Asia rankings, China "along the way" strategy first.

"2016 Asia Economic Outlook index" for hundreds of Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs Plasam TV wholesaler, members of the media, economists and Government officials results of the questionnaire. Most respondents think 2016 Asia foreign investment will rise steadily. For the most conducive to a driven economic mechanisms for trade and investment in Asia, the survey results show that China ' along the way ' strategy "first, followed by the" Asia-Pacific free trade area. "

BFA Secretary-General Zhou wenzhong pointed out that weak growth in the global economy in 2016, in the area looking for new opportunities for the development of individual districts and individual, become national common task for people who seek development opportunities.

Some experts say, new opportunities and new growth emerging in Asia, there are bright spots in the B2B China manufacturers overall expected downturn. Asia will bring new opportunities for global environmental governance, and environmental protection-related industry will continue, and green will make it possible to improve the level of development in the area; new and old-age health industry will continue to heat.

For the best growth prospects of the industry, "new energy" in 62% proportions at the top, followed by 52.6% of the "old-age health" and 52%, "the pharmaceutical industry". Choose more there "new materials" and "Internet +" "high-end equipment manufacturing" "energy saving" and so on.