At present, the manufacturing industry development in Guangdong facing both developed "high return" and emerging countries "low flow" double pressure, also faces demographic dividend subsided, elements of cost, resource and environmental constraints challenges faced multiple challenges, Guangdong manufacturing how to breakthrough?

Machine generations ' production promote the optimization and upgrading of the structure of manufacturing industry in our province. "Provincial Government Development Research Center recently provides to South daily of Guangdong capital organic constitute changes trend research (following referred to" report ") pointed out that, currently, Guangdong are full implementation industrial transformation upgrade battle three years action plans, advance new a round technology Athletic & Sports Shoes Factories, vigorously development intelligent manufacturing, speed up" machine generation people "pace, promoted manufacturing again create development new advantage, efforts achieved by manufacturing big province to manufacturing strong province change.

On April 8, the southern daily, social development research center and the provincial government will jointly hold seminars on the theme: the trend of the organic composition of capital – in the new normal "machine generation" on transformation and upgrading of Guangdong's economic development and impact. At that time, industry experts, academics, government departments and representatives of the discussion around this topic.


Organic composition of capital

Organic composition of capital is the core of Marx's theory of economic variables, but also the adjustment of industrial structure and production mode transformation of important reflection. Organic composition of capital is decided by the technical composition of capital, and to reflect changes in the technical composition of capital value composition of capital, embodied in physical form and form of value in two ways. From material form see, capital by must number of production and labor constitute, both number proportion called capital technology constitute, usually with fixed assets total divided by practitioners number to said; from value form see, by not variable capital and variable capital constitute, both Zhijian proportion called capital of value constitute, which not variable capital including land, and plant, and machine equipment, fixed assets, variable capital except labor wage outside, in new era also including brand, and technology development, and intellectual property, new factors.

With the international advanced manufacturing country

Still has obvious gap "facing Europe and the developed countries ' high return ' and emerging countries ' low shunt ' squeezed, the comparative advantage of Guangdong's manufacturing is shrinking. "The report said.

After the financial crisis of 2008, Europe and the developed countries to promote "industrialization", introduced various preferential policies to encourage high-end manufacturing to the developed countries "reverse transfers". According to the United States the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) issued according to reports the global manufacturing economy moving, with United States as the benchmark 100, China's manufacturing index had reached 96, manufacturing costs and the United States differ. And Viet Nam, Indonesia, and Thailand and some other Southeast Asian countries rely on their resources, labor and other advantages, at a lower cost to undertake the transfer of labour-intensive manufacturing.

Reports indicate that in wage costs, for example, the province cost was significantly lower than that of developed countries such as the United States and Japan, but higher than that of Viet Nam, and Thailand and other countries. According to statistics, Guangdong manufacturing real average monthly wage is about 3000 Yuan, after the equivalent United States about 11655-28261 Yuan, Japan about 9800 Yuan, Viet Nam approximately 2330, Thailand about 1600 Yuan.

In recent years, digital, networked, intelligent manufacturing, marked a new round of technological revolution, became an important force in promoting the upgrading of the manufacturing industry. Developed countries have made to revive manufacturing at the core of "reindustrialization" strategy, United States publish the plan of advanced manufacturing partners, Germany issued the industry 4.0 and the United Kingdom published the United Kingdom manufacturing such as 2050, reconstruction modes of production and organization methods, new pattern of reshaping the global manufacturing industry.

Report that, at present, China's manufacturing output has ranked first in the world, but generally remains strong in the manufacturing of "world factory", from manufactured powerhouse is still a big gap big province of Guangdong, China's manufacturing, the gap with international advanced manufacturing powerhouse is more obvious, apart from the advantages of scale, on the whole, overall competitiveness and quality benefits are at a disadvantage.

Industrial technical innovation and intelligent manufacturing

Enhance comprehensive strength

In recent years, to counter the recruitment difficulties and difficulties in financing the development of manufacturing industry in the multiple constraints, the provincial party Committee, the provincial government introduced major measures, industrial transformation and upgrading of the battle three-year action plan is fully implemented, promoting a new round of technological innovation, and development of intelligent manufacturing, speeding up "machine generation" paces, promote manufacturing and create new advantages for the development of Guangdong Province, and strive to achieve industry big province to strong province in manufacturing.

Report pointed out that with the advance of industrial technological transformation, intelligent manufacturing, Guangdong manufacturing industries overall strength significantly. In 2015, advanced manufacturing and high-tech manufacturing value added accounted for above-scale industrial 48.5% and 27% respectively, formed a new display, software, bio-medicine, new materials, new generation communication, LED and 7 output such as energy saving and environmental protection over billions of strategic industry clusters.

Meanwhile, apparently rammed the basis of intelligent manufacturing industry of our province. Provincial Government have introduced has industrial transformation upgrade battle three years action plans, and intelligent manufacturing development planning, and robot industry development special action plans, major policy file, Dongguan, and Foshan, and Guangzhou, and Shenzhen also have introduced related support policy measures, Dongguan first introduced advance enterprise machine substitutions action plans, Foshan proposed on industrial enterprise for 2.0 lessons, and 3.0 universal, and 4.0 model, promote intelligent industry fast development.

"The transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industries accelerated." Report, B2B Procurement Solutions‎ to improve traditional manufacturing labour productivity, product quality, energy conservation, land productivity rates and production rates for the main direction, the province a new intelligent technology was strengthened.