In recent years, as China's economy into the new normal, printed in China's economy is inevitably affected by excess capacity, structural adjustment, troika failed economic environment impact, environmental protection policies, the eight rules and other policy factors, the industry slowdown. Printing machine manufacturers. From some details on can subtle glimpse sense out China CRT TV Manufacturers, printing machine business international level printing exhibition Shang of exhibition area narrowed or significantly narrowed, and even gave up exhibition, just end of DRUPA printing exhibition, has well-known China printing machine manufacturer will gave up exhibition; reduced even gave up held various marketing activities; significantly layoffs; enterprise in half discontinued State, has well-known of domestic printing machine business in market Shang basic disappeared.

Printing machine manufacturers operating losses under the pressure of facing lack of demand or significantly control costs, from strategy is understandable, but also on the right. But in the "choke" at the same time, don't forget the "open source". Thousand million reduction reduced marketing spending is not reduced, or be significantly reduced. Because this means that the printing machine manufacturer cut its "source of life". Just imagine, a perennially active on the international stage, leading printing machine manufacturers, suddenly disappeared in the international print exhibition, held its brand marketing activities suddenly stopped, its customers or potential customers would think? Will worry that the partner has "not"? If you produced a crisis of confidence in customers, printing machine manufacturers that are dangerous.


From this perspective, the Konica Minolta adhere to national product tour is worth encouraging. On June 22, 2016-Konica Minolta production digital printing system national roving seminar in Hangzhou, the curtain of the first station, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Suzhou, Xiamen, Xian, Taiyuan and other tour taking place. This is just a question to his faith, LCD TV wholesaler the practice of giving customers confidence. Marketing positions are not only not lost, and more proactively, and if so, markets will never grasp the initiative in their own hands.