Promoting the innovation and development of foreign trade. Face of the grim situation of external demand remains in the doldrums, more measures simultaneously, curb imports and exports decline

Solid advance "along the way"-building expanded international cooperation capacity; China Tablet PC Manufacturers promoting the development of foreign trade innovation; improving the quality of foreign investment utilization, speeding up implementation of the free trade area strategy

Since last year, from 2013 to 2015, and its import and export growth target is 12.2% and 7.5% and 6%. Due to the complex and severe than expected world economic situation, foreign trade import and export growth-2015 7%, was last year's Government work report in the measurement only outstanding item.

CPPCC member Wang Guangqian, Central University of finance and principal believes that foreign trade development in external demand, competitive advantage, export support, a series of trends in new changes in the structure of trade for 30 years of rapid growth are over. No specific figures for foreign trade development goals provide trade development will be more emphasis on quality rather than quantity. According to the survey, among China, the world's top 20 trading Nations (regions), 18 countries (regional) Government does not publish an annual trade growth projections and goals.

"Evaluation of foreign trade operation Wholesalers suppliers to put down considering the background both at home and abroad. "Chen Naike, Chairman of national people's Congress, and holding group said, the Government proposed in the report on the work of promoting" along the way ", expansion of international cooperation in capacity-building, the promotion of innovation and development of foreign trade, will help to improve quality and efficiency, China's foreign trade to achieve stable to good.