Held at the fair is divided into three parts, gaoming district, Wholesale marketplace online a total of 20 companies to participate in the fair. Among them, the first phases, a total of 13 companies, 24 booths while the second has 11 companies, 26 booths; the third booth of 9 companies, 21, some enterprises participate in the third stage in a row, overall the number of exhibitors and booths for essentially flat with last year.

On Friday the scene, there are 6 stand Gao Mingying sanitary ware company, is the only brand booth exhibitors in the first period. To attract customers, the company as early as half a year ago to emerging markets research, design new products according to customer demand. This exhibition, which featured a 2 m high, 1.4 meters wide and irregular wooden bathroom cabinets, bathroom cabinets with wood with a CNC machine carved molding, patterned style is in line with the Middle East nation.

"Countries pushed the main ' along the way ' strategy in these markets is new, have a lot of potential in the future. 50% is a new product in our exhibits, are developed through market research, market demand. "King's sanitary ware sales Regional Manager Jin Zhenghua said enterprises exported less than ideal during the first quarter, because after the Spring Festival, many guests are waiting, but after entering the April increase customer activity, compared with the previous three-month average of April increased by 30%~50%.

Gaoming Yuehua sanitary ware co brought a multifunctional Pavilion, this product there are sauna, steam room, outdoor pool and fencing is suitable for outdoor use. The company said Design Manager Xiao Haicheng, total of 3 patents this product, sells for about $ 60,000 as a whole. Among them, the outdoor pool adds WIFI module, download software, you can control the temperature, water pump, lights, patterns, etc.

"Living standards have risen, people have higher requirements on quality of life, no popular products needed refined products. We had a project last year, flagship high-end markets of Europe, Australia, the Americas, orders in the first quarter rose 10%. "Xiao Haicheng said.

Exhibitors said, although fair popularity and volume will decline, but it is still an important platform for enterprise Flex, win new customers. Because high-end customers in foreign countries will participate in the fair selection of suppliers, customers from enterprises if, decoration, product quality, and determine the strength, so participation is the necessity.

In addition, companies are also said to feel this year State enterprise exports, foreign support, especially to reduce "along the way" along the country's cost of enterprises has been a big help, and South-East Asia, South Asia market allows enterprises to see the rise of a new hope. According to customs statistics, 2015 gaoming foreign trade import and export value of 17.1 billion yuan, up 10.4% from a year earlier.

According to understand, in foreign trade situation severe complex of background Xia, gaoming district and customs sector strengthening has "foreign trade total promoting" contact mechanism and port functions sector of "Chase shut" collaboration mechanism, through regularly consultations, Mobile Phones wholesaler and visits discussion, and joint research and opened enterprise policy preaching meeting, and training will, variety form, active foster new of foreign trade growth, and stable incentive backbone enterprise, and optimization investment environment, and ensure the Hui enterprises policy landing entered into force. This year, gaoming will implement enterprise "spring action", continue to support medium and small micro-enterprises to develop domestic and foreign markets, to boost the steady growth of foreign trade.