Internet Café industry today is facing a wave of upgrades, Internet café 's version has been updated to 6.0 times USB2.0 PC cams-PK730MJ, which all people feel the competition of Internet Café industry! new Internet cafes configuration,

Diversified experience in the core position of the game, so that each player can enjoy the cool game experience. In an era of Internet cafes in 6.0, Internet Café operators should choose what kind of headphones

To meet the changing preferences of players?

Mercedes AW60 headphones, as AW this is for Internet cafes and newly launched new, save the headset original physics engine vibrations, headphone sound quality to the greatest possible degree of reservation. The headsets in terms of style are very strong and bold design of double circular ear muffs, even at the computer watching from afar can also highlight without doubt. Cellular respiration progressive glare make headphones look even more eye-catching. Rubber hose line, double protection headset cable loss of wear, to avoid damage. The hidden microphone omnidirectional pickup, allowing the player to easily talk with teammates.

AW60 headphones still in the design heritage of the Mercedes, minimalist style, in the context of Internet cafes relative easy to wear AW60 abandoned the traditional wire parts, integrating volume and vibration control next to the ear. Head on the beam, metal pressure headband and belt a two-tier structure, durable, yet generous, not easily deformed or broken. +USB 3.5MM audio interfaces powered, fully guarantee the stability of sound effects.

All in all, Mercedes AW60 integrates competing needs of gamers the headset and Internet cafes Light Strike Mechanical Keyboard, Internet cafes the required resistance, comfort, cool lighting, and so have achieved perfection, and in sound quality and wear

Also, meet the entertainment needs of Internet + players.