In 1988, Bao Xiangqian graduated from the age of 17, accumulated debt owed relatives and friend of 8000 Yuan at home. He told Credit Union loan 100 Yuan, and then came to Shenzhen, took a push the brick work, can earn 5 Yuan per day. 3 years later, he finally accumulated enough 8000 Yuan. New year's Eve, walked 30 km, a debt to last folks.

In 2008, Bao Xiangqian with partners founded factory in Panyu, Guangzhou. Now, the China Wallet & Purses Manufacturers package was the General Manager of the factory, managing more than 200 employees. 4 years ago, Bao Xiangqian had a makeup Kit orders due to careless salesman, produced products that have a rivet with the samples. When he spotted the problem, immediately asked the workers. In this order, he lost tens of thousands of Yuan, but he has no regrets.

By the end of 2013, for a sum of money abroad did not arrive on time, Digital Products Bags Directory factory funding working capital difficulties have arisen, in order to pay on time, he sold the House he had only obtained 1.5 million Yuan for the issuance of wage.

Bao Xiangqian said, as a supplier, can be unknown, but absolutely no integrity. Establishment of credit needed for a long time, but losing trust in business, it may be an idea. Once losing prestige, the business may be finished.