Dongguan is known as the "workshop of the world", is the world's leading manufacturing base, with over more than 10,000 foreign-funded enterprises, is an export-oriented economy of the city.

CPPCC member Li Youzhi, Dongguan pointed out that due to the current price of factors of production continue to rise, rising business costs, Hong Kong-funded enterprises of Dongguan manufacturing challenges and pressures facing Leisure & Comfort Shoes Factories. He suggested that the Government attaches importance to the manufacturing industry as the core of the real economy, increase the intensity of industrial technical innovation fund to Hong Kong-funded enterprises to promote Hong Kong-funded enterprises with domestic scientific research institutes of technology cooperation and transfer of technology, use of scientific and technological resources to support Hong Kong-funded enterprises, guide the traditional manufacturing industries to develop in the direction of advanced manufacturing industry.

For the current prevailing in companies and technical personnel, lack of high-end talent, Humen town, Dongguan city, the Panel recommends that Government support of the CPPCC Dongguan Taiwan training center, productivity, Taipei University of science and technology to build the training Enterprise talents of "Institute of technology". Meanwhile, referring to the current Taiwan and advanced knowledge of existing vocational training teachers, providing companies with better technology, high-end talent, to better promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises.

The Group also recommends Dongguan Municipal Government vigorously support company directory Association introduced Taiwan sightseeing factory of operation mode, foster established several Taiwan enterprises sightseeing factory, put sightseeing, and tourism, and manufacturing three who combined, new build, and packaging traditional industry, more further promote Wan Taiwan enterprise Transformation Services; recommends Dongguan Government continues to support Dongguan Taiwan Association existing assist enterprise transformation upgrade counselling platform, and barley guest domestic platform, and Taiwan Bo will cloth built pathway of platform,, let Taiwan enterprises continues to willing to roots Dongguan.