"What ideas, few can get together for a chat. "A coffee table, a sofa, a few stools, more than 10 square metres hut like a creative small Hall, Shenzhen AO-based e-commerce company small meeting room is particularly youth fashion, 37-year old Lu Haichuan talk here, China Wholesale marketplace as if a young man full of fresh elements.

As the proud base electronic in the known universe, born in 1979, Lu Hai, starting from 2001, in Germany studying reading, an opportunity to move, let him taste the benefits of shopping online. Subsequently, he aimed at business opportunities, selling Chinese products on the Internet and create pride Foundation (AUKEY) company, took the "golden key" in cross-border e-commerce soon ran out of names, built a well-known brand in the world.
A move ignited venture "spark"

Sweeping, washing dishes, washing dishes ... ... 2001 came to Germany Lu Haichuan as with most students to study abroad, study in a restaurant to earn living expenses. But a buy furniture experience, opening the door to the student's creative. Because Germany furniture is expensive in a jewelry shop, Lu Haichuan can only be purchased through the Internet of domestic second-hand furniture to decorate their homes. "Domestic second-hand furniture on the Internet at that time, almost as long as twenty or thirty can be bought. "Experience is the move to buy furniture, and interest in Lu Haichuan electrical contractor. Gradually he found that very low prices of Chinese products abroad, such as Bluetooth GPS navigation receiver and other electronic products to 500 Yuan cheaper than the foreign price of ~600 Yuan. This experience let Lu Haichuan discover new business opportunities, he started his own bulk to overseas sales of domestic products, "just go on the Internet, there are a hundred thousand of income a year. ”

All of a sudden "riches" does not make Lu Haichuan stop, a "made in China" idea of introducing international marketing on his mind. In 2003, he and several partners founded the pride international, and engaged in the wholesale trade businesses such as online retail and eBay platforms, digital accessories, China sold abroad. Gradually, Lu Haichuan found that although foreign e-commerce platform starts early, but subject to the restrictions, good industrial model can't play its due effect. After thinking it over, Lu Haichuan made a bold attempt to return to domestic business, looking for open cross-border e-commerce platform "golden key". Return in 2007, Lu Haichuan founded Shenzhen AO-based e-commerce company. In 2009, the AO Foundation officially began professional market operation, annual turnover of nearly 100 million Yuan, first on eBay sales list.

"A country cannot independently researched brand, would not be strong. "Lu Haichuan, the company's English name AUKEY symbolizes the golden key to the opening of cross-border e-commerce, Chinese name" AO-based "word means that the Chinese" proud cornerstone "alongside the base does not stop at the largest Chinese products on the eBay platform" Porter ". In 2010, he boldly explore new ideas, new ways of mining, established an independent cross-border e-commerce website in China was not yet ripe for cross-border e-commerce platform to develop a territory of their own. Bao, in-car charging, charging, electronic parts and components ... ... In early 2014, Lu Haichuan and ao-based business has a number of independent research and development of e-commerce products, and domestic famous brand recognition and praise, become back-to-back big brands such as Huawei and ZTE, "Minister of marketing", help them to mobile phones and other electronic products sold abroad. AO-base sales is increasing year by year 2015, its sales have reached 300 million, in 2014, 10 times more than doubled. Now, proud Foundation has "made in China" to sell to more than 170 countries.

"Small meetings" in the grinding out of creative ideas

From its inception the 5 people up to now more than 700 employees alongside the radicals have been expanding. While the employee is growing, the company has no so-called "Director", "Minister" relationship. "I like to simplify relationships, human rights are equal, if they told me they have the same options, perhaps better than I do. "Lu Hai skilfully Europe" equal work "brought to the company, with employees as the same one every day. Management appears to be either of the following free, but with amazing efficiency. The company not only no one lazy, each employee's idea is "firing". Once who had a good idea, Power Bank wholesaler a few people get together in a small conference room at once, quickly sharing and Exchange. No collective, does not report on the work of the General Assembly, AO-base company, every creative and surprise anytime, anywhere, and small Conference, the discussion of "grinding" out.

Pride at work head of base always have unexpected ideas, life, Lu Haichuan also has a distinctive and unique way of life. As a father of two, his best mode of education is not too much of the company, but "given to the children of free time", he hopes his children can follow any of one's own nature to grow, rather than be bound by their parents ' expectations. As AO-based management concept, he wanted everyone to have their own "golden key", opens the door to unique creativity.