Logitech G300 is a game designed for M.M.O.RPG to build the mouse products, has a large number of shortcut keys, Top Wired USB/PS2 Gaming Keyboard use Logitech official driving players to adjust the key features, built-in optical sensor sampling rate of up to 2500DPI.

Mouse built-in storage chip, can store three a configuration file, using press can easily switch, and in switch to process in the mouse of backlight will corresponding changes, drive in the also can Regulation mouse of backlight color, used has symmetric type styling design, mouse of size more small, mobile very flexible, sides design has rubber fitting layer, for upgrade holds holding of stability and friction, even fast Mobile also not occurred skid of phenomenon, connected power of when can issued backlight, and has multiple color of switch function, Through the drive can be set up.

Logitech classic G300 gaming mouse Logitech MX optical lenses, to provide gamers with the most accurate game localization and tracking. With up to 2500 DPI, and can drive freely between the 250-2500DPI, performance is quite strong.

Logitech G300 gaming mouse comfortable thumb Groove side skirts with rubber stickers design very skillfully, Mini Standarded Wired Computer Keyboard even if users frequently dispose of the mouse will not appear, built-in optical sensor performance superior, 2500DPI sampling rate is sufficient to meet the needs of most M.M.O.RPG player.