Italy luxury Shoemaker Salvatore Ferragamo SpA manufacturer (Salvatore Ferragamo) recently announced fiscal 2015 (as of December 31, 2015), though comparable sales growth, but the profit was better than expected. Despite the negative industry environment, the China Manufacturers company forecast earnings this year developing positive trend. After the news, the company's shares on the Milan Stock Exchange rose in early trading to 3.7%.

Ferragamo announced of earnings displayed, 2015 fiscal year: total sales income 1.43 billion euro, by current exchange rate meter compared growth 7.4%, which fourth quarter growth 9%; card tax depreciation assessment pin Qian profit (EBITDA) 324 million euro, compared growth 11% to, above analyst previously forecast of 313.3 million euro; card tax Qian profit (EBIT) 265 million euro, compared growth 8%; business sex net cash growth 197 million euro, compared growth 39%; € 0.46 per share of common stock dividends, rose 10%; net profit of 174 million euros, an increase of 7%; gross profit of 948 million euros, an increase of 12% operating costs € 683 million, at current exchange rates rose to 13% by region: Asia-Pacific as the number one market, sales to total sales of 36%, an increase of 4% in the fourth quarter increased by more than 8%.

Ferragamo said that in January and February of this year's performance "is not ideal", comparable sales declines digit fall flat with the fourth quarter of last year, two other luxury groups Tod's and Hugo Boss have given similar conclusions. Ferragamo's net profit still grew, mainly due to the high profits of small leather goods and a lower discount rate. Third quarter gross margin rose from 2.2% to 67.5%, gross margin rose from 2.6% to 66.3% over the year, the company expects, gross profit margin can be further increased to 69% in the future.

Citigroup analyst Thomas Chauvet believes that Ferragamo will continue to maintain a high profit growth. Facing the current weak economic climate, particularly of Ferragamo. Chauvet said the poor sales performance is partly due to the extensive renovation of the store plan; also reflect weak demand, Hong Kong and Macau market United States downturn trend in Paris in November last year after the terrorist attacks, even large fluctuations in the European tourism market.


Poor performance of Hong Kong, China's retail sales rose 10%. European sales grew by 7%. Despite the November terrorist attacks in Paris last year to affect consumption of luxury goods, is still growing in the fourth quarter 9%. The North American market Sofa Bed wholesaler, the dollar strong, the decline in tourist arrivals to the United States, sales rose to 9%, of which 8% in the fourth quarter; Japan market, benefiting from China's tourism boom in Japan, sales rose to 14%, of which 18% in the fourth quarter; in Mexico as the representative of Central and South America market, sales rose to 12%, of which 4% in the fourth quarter.