On April 13, Hong Shibin senior critics of Hong Kong's Trade Development Council, Wholesale marketplace Hong Kong Electronics Association, attended the 13th International Electronics fair in Hong Kong, and "applications (smart home appliances) change of life" keynote. The "Hong Kong Electronics fair" as the world's biggest electronics procurement event, exhibition will be held in two groups, respectively, attracted 5,500 participants from 150 countries and regions and more than more than 50,000 buyers.

"Hong Kong Electronics fair" has been committed to the emerging display technology to the industry and the latest scientific and technological achievements, as the current exhibits include smart home, VR and drone, 4K TV and display, outdoor photography, wearable devices, automotive electronics, robotics and power balance and other vehicles. The exhibition scheduled to be held in Hong Kong, global financial in San Diego, much industry attention.

11th fair opened, technology unabated, the conversation continues. For the intelligent appliances discussion theme, Hong Shibin as China appliances industry of famous views leader, combined mainland life form in speech link main expression has four a views: a is in "user for King" background Xia, user to of not products, but real of products service; II is current of appliances environment has from isolated of products intelligent times to ecological of everything interconnected times; three is appliances commercial mode of revolution deep promoted with enterprise operation mode of change; four is application scene of comes prompted application intelligent of birth.

Hong Shibin says that compared to foreign home appliance industry from the dimensions of the product itself to think about "intelligent", Computer & Consumer Electronics Manufacturers focus on home appliances, environmental protection, energy efficiency, appearance and humane, domestic household electrical appliance enterprises is more from the scenario dimension to dig up intelligence, highlighting the home appliance service. And, in the future use of data and analysis will be more targeted to addressing user pain points and actual demand, better overall intelligence experience. Therefore, it can be said that innovation is evident in the applications market, China is also highly anticipated.

Hong Shibin pointed out, from the development of the whole market trends, future appliances based on "apply intelligent innovation", will develop home appliances for port, links more scene service, truly "stay at home" you can have a dream, and let the world listen to China intelligent voice.