March 1-4th, 2016 GETshow Guangzhou (International) performing arts equipment, and intelligent sound light products technology exhibition (following referred to "GETshow") in Guangzhou PA Chau poly WTO Expo Museum Grand held, Taiwan up its projector brand Vivitek (Li News) carrying AR virtual reality, and active 3D stereo projection, and super short Coke AR interactive, and 30 percent scene, four projection solution programme stunning debut, show its rich Laser Pointer, and professional of products line and the strength. Vivitek (LI) 's first laser projector in the GETshow blockbuster debut, and carries current sentiment captures and AR (Augmented Reality) virtual reality interactive installation to create a laser interactive projection solution, declaring the Vivitek (LI) of laser light new revolution started.

The Vivitek (LI) shows the four projection solution, the most notable is AR the virtual reality Pavilion, interacting with the projected images of polar bears in the audience excited. This programme used 2 Taiwan Vivitek (Li News) laser engineering projector DU8090Z for II channel projection fusion, match novel of AR virtual reality interactive device, build out has virtual reality and interactive function of programme, tie Taiwan up wireless briefing equipment, can achieved interesting of people machine interactive experience, this will is exhibition show, and teaching, and traffic command, and forces combat, many industry field future of mainstream solution programme.

In this sets programme in the, Vivitek (Li News) laser engineering projector DU8090Z undoubtedly is maximum highlights, this is Vivitek (Li News) first laser projector, brightness reached 8000 lumens, new of laser light can support 20,000 hours using life, projection out of image quality high, can meet variety system integrated of needs, solid of products performance reflected has Vivitek (Li News) "ten years mill a sword" of ingenuity spirit.

Addition three big projection solution programme also exception wonderful, active 3D stereo projection exhibition using 1 Taiwan DU9000 match super short Coke zoom lens, makes visit who just wearing DLP-Link glasses can appreciate to shock clear of 3D image, can application Yu theater, and Pavilion, and Museum, variety indoor show places; super short Coke AR virtual reality interactive projection exhibition used 1 Taiwan Vivitek (Li News) super short Coke education projector D755WTIR, Match Taiwan up wireless interactive collaboration system imagination meeting NovoPRO, this programme designed for enterprise and education application environment design, build a convenient interactive of business taught projection new programme; three folding scene exhibition used 4 Taiwan Vivitek (Li News) engineering projector DU6675, create out big scenes immersed type environment, makes audience immersive, this is currently many technology museum, and Museum and command, and combat system used of projection programme.

GETshow is sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce of South China Projection Screen entertainment equipment industry of professional sound and lighting equipment, such as an integrated exhibition, so far has successfully held five sessions and become more influential professional exhibition in China and Asia. 2016 GETshow total linear tour 6 pavilions and an outdoor Plaza, exhibition area of 78,000 square meters, were greeted more than 550 exhibitors. Vivitek (LI) in 2016 GETshow stunning appearance, not only showing the Vivitek (LI) successful solutions in the entertainment field, also from the sides to show Vivitek (LI) projector quality of professionalism and stability.