The robot manufacturer KUKA hopeless is looking forward to the takeover offer from China and the common future with the major shareholder of Midea. "We see this not as hostile", CEO Till Reuter said Wednesday of the news agency of Reuters to the multibillion-dollar offer.

The Chinese household appliances and air conditioning manufacturer had announced in the morning wanting to expand his involvement in KUKA on at least 30 percent China Manufacturers. "This is not a surprise to us," Reuter said. KUKA and Midea talking for weeks about how together to score points with logistics and service robots and stimulate business in China.

The Chinese, who already own 13.5 percent of the shares, offering up to 4.5 billion euros and sweeten the offer far-reaching concessions. Per share, Midea will pay 115 euros - a premium of 35 percent to the closing price on Tuesday. The premium is neat, Reuter said. The commitments are important but: "KUKA remains german. The management remains independent. The Board continues to his strategy as in the past." In addition, there is a clear commitment to the location of Augsburg and the KUKA jobs. The Group employs approximately 12,300 people, of which about 4,500 in Germany.

KUKA is the figurehead of the German Robotics and pre show group under the slogan "Industry 4.0" known automation and digitalization of production. The long dependent on the automotive industry suppliers want to do more business with customers from logistics, aviation or with manufacturers of tablets or phones. The combination of hardware and software, as well as the balanced global distribution of business is central for KUKA. "China will be crucial for robotics," Reuter said. There, the degree of automation is so far relatively small.

"Midea might help, that we grow stronger in China." In the people's Republic, Reuter wants to more than double sales to one billion euros by 2020. The number of units in China to rise well 5000 to 10,000 in the next two years from last. To the Swabians are looking for a second location. KUKA robots could be the Chief Executive according to future increases at Midea in production or in the more than 150 warehouses of the Chinese.

Midea is among the global market leaders for household appliances. Through its wide network would be more opportunities for growth, Reuter said. In addition he flirts with the entry into the consumer business: small robots, a kind of digital servants, could take off their owners in the future at home all sorts of activities. He did not give details.


Overlooking the other shareholders by KUKA, Reuter said: "I would welcome if all three major shareholders on Board remained." The plant manufacturer Voith is the largest shareholder to date with 25.1 percent. In addition, the entrepreneur Friedhelm Loh has ten percent.