According to China engine Industrial Association China engine industrial sales monthly focus enterprise data displayed: January 2016 completed engine sales 4.8753 million Taiwan, chain, and compared double drop, which chain declined 6.91%, compared declined 5.44%; by "country II" rose "country three" effect, Agricultural Machinery Parts & Tools diesel engine market still in low wandering, January diesel engine total sales 425,700 Taiwan, despite chain growth 2.62%, but compared cumulative drop expanded to 31.28%.

Supporting the market in January, total 23,300 set of internal combustion engine for engineering machinery, fell to 13.81%, down 49.31%; sold 346,000 units of internal combustion engines for agricultural machinery, fell to 5.69%, down 28.54%; internal-combustion engine for garden machinery it sold 306,500 units, fell to 11.57%, down 13.8%.

It is understood that the diesel engine emissions standards from "second" up "three" effect, part of the enterprise in "three" announcement did not apply for the case, with the exception of exports, the other "second" product October stop sale. The original "er" products accounted for high single-cylinder diesel engine industry, sales continued to fall. In January, the single cylinder diesel engine sold 126,500, fell to 12.81%, down 49.67%. Top five companies are: River dynamic, changchai, Levin, farmers often wear, gold fish, its wood products industry sales proportion of sales 78.79%. Overall, the industry is vigorously digestion "b" stock, and actively upgrade the "grade" products in response to market fluctuations in the new situation.

The "second" up "three" effect of multi-cylinder diesel engine 10.91% growth in total sales from December 15, but has a larger decline in the same period, including engineering, agricultural, marine decline was larger. In January, total 299,200 set of multi-cylinder diesel engine, rose 10.91%, down 18.73%. Yuchai, Tin, wood, firewood, Yun Nei, Weichai's sales to total sales of the top ten selling 66.01%. Sales top enterprises, Wuxi, Fukuda, JAC, Levin moved sales up. Other areas of multi-cylinder diesel engine, agricultural, engineering by "two" l "third" greatest impact, sales is an increase over the December 15, but the year is still a big drop.

And in terms of new energy internal combustion engines, and present a smooth trend trend, with the rising level of environmental standards, the Government of new-energy cars, good policy continue, new energy-related infrastructure construction in full swing, and the strengthening of environmental awareness and acceptance of new energy deepened, new energy internal combustion engine in 2016 will be better and better.

It is understood that by China's internal combustion engine industry association drafted by the China internal combustion engine industry "Thirteen-Five" development planning has been completed, according to the plan, "Thirteen-Five" is the first step towards power of internal combustion engines, the whole industry will persist in innovation-driven, establish ' runners ' incentives, improving the comprehensive competitive strength of industry, industry of internal combustion engines "Thirteen-Five" energy saving and emission reduction is an arduous task.

From this point of view in the "three" trend is a foregone conclusion under the situation of "Thirteen-Five" State emissions requirements for internal combustion engine during a gradual upgrade, although this is a necessary means of energy saving and emission reduction, but for construction machinery company, Drainage & Irrigation Machinery frequent replacement costs will produce a definite impact on the enterprise, industry and development will bring short-term "labor pains"!