34-year old Xu Peiyuan Zhengzhou who used to work in Shenzhen IT enterprise engaging in product research and development for 10 years. In 2012, Xu Peiyuan "testing the waters" exporting cross-border e-commerce industry, now has 50 stores, Mobile Phone Case Directory products sold in Russia and the United States, and Brazil and other countries.

In 2002, Xu Peiyuan recruits a well-known IT company in Shenzhen and became a product development technician, works easily, good income too. However, the easy life and did not let Xu Peiyuan was met, he is always thinking about doing something to enrich your life.

In 2012, Xu Peiyuan stumbled "aliexpress" this new cross-border e-commerce platform.

"When most people in the industry are focused on how to open up the domestic market, few focus on cross-border e-commerce in this sea of blue. "Xu Peiyuan said that at first he was just selected from the numerous shops on Taobao products into their own" aliexpress "shop sales, customers are from the United States, and Brazil and other countries of the consumer. Due to cheap Chinese-made products, reliable quality, so it is very popular.

In 2013, Xu Peiyuan decided to resign and concentrate on taking care of "aliexpress" online shop. A stock from a stock of 300 to 2000, Xu Peiyuan operating shop more and more handy, it has also increased to 50 the number of shop.

-Take root in Luoyang, the main local products

Xu Peiyuan, research the market and discovered, Luoyang local shoes, boots, hats and other products at cheaper prices, quality, style and good. Meanwhile, local businesses engaged in cross-border e-commerce industry in Luoyang are rare, the gaps in the market provides a rare opportunity for him.

In 2014, Xu Peiyuan company established in Luoyang, Yanshi and directly from some of the shoes, hat-making business orders. Logistics not only significant cost reductions, price has been effectively controlled.

Xu Peiyuan said, through "aliexpress" platform customers who purchase shoes, caps and other products, mainly from Russia and the Ukraine and other countries. A pair of shoes that cost 20 Yuan in Taobao to "aliexpress" platform sales, price of 80 Yuan to 100 Yuan. His company's online shop orders of up to 100,000 pieces per month.

Today, Xu Peiyuan, capable, and I own-brand business enterprise cooperation, bring products to overseas markets. For example, he will be a household electrical appliance enterprises shower products through "aliexpress" platforms are sold to Russia and the United States and other countries. Due to international specifications of uniform production of such products, foreign consumers purchase directly after installation.

In addition, Luoyang local business enterprises engaged in own-brand sports equipment sales will become the object of Xu Peiyuan the next step. He said, if we can help these enterprises to open outlets in markets abroad, when moving to the domestic market in the future, Tablet Case & Cover wholesaler these companies will be more competitive.

Xu Peiyuan said he plans to organize long-term training courses, review our experience in operating cross-border e-commerce online stores over the years, helping young people entrepreneurship in the cross-border e-commerce industry grew rapidly, expansion of cross-border e-commerce enterprises in Luoyang team.