In people of traditional concept among, "private custom" this word often will and expensive, and high-end, and luxury contact in with, from professional custom of high cost, Protable USB Cable to later industrialization big production of "cookie", seems to "personalized needs" and "industrialization means" this pair contradictions body natural opposition, to harmonic, so in Internet industrial tide in the, have a both of supply side reform new mode does?

Qingdao red collar group garment workshop, advanced automatic industrial sewing machine constantly rumbling, hundreds of workers are busy on the lines of various processes. At first sight, and the numerous industrial clothing production enterprises are no different, but here is what the industry calls "fantasy factory", every piece of clothing on this line, in terms of style, fabric and then to the design details are quite different. What they are doing, is to use a means of industrial production, complete individual orders from around the world. Redcollar Group Manager Zhang Shengnan said: "here, the workers front has a small computer, as long as credit card knows the next action, each person is responsible for the operation are not the same. Like every piece of clothing is a customer order, each garment has a card, just like ID cards, workers as long as a brush, you can know the current process, in accordance with the above requests specific action can be. ”

In fact, this modular production only new customization mode of the tip of the iceberg. Redcollar group of intelligent systems, via online or after the actual measured size data collected by way of worldwide customers can place orders via the Internet directly to the factory. From styles, fabrics and colors to the shoulders, pockets, stitch details such as Word, customers can design their own. Orders generated Hou, system will real-time incoming factory for row single production, a custom clothing from Xia single to eventually sent to customer hand in, whole process only a week of time, and most important of is, such production out of clothing completely can meet different consumption crowd of personality needs: "like this pieces clothes, appearance see compared official of grey suit, but inside is fancy of in material, normal market Shang buy to of May is a color, like this embroidery, and also has MP3 pocket, this are is customer himself design good of, Do you like this mosaic, is quite a character. Such machines produce around 4000, more expensive if it is custom, we used a handmade dress sells for 100,000 yuan. ”

Innovative model to bring immediate economic benefits directly. With this magic of "magic factory", red led group in China clothing manufacturing orders continued fell, and most clothing enterprise into dilemma of situation Xia contrarian growth, mode innovation brings has sales miracle, Qingdao red led group Chairman Zhang Daili said: "traditional enterprise export way now is not money of, but custom is separate of a article road, profit than high, annual basically 100% above of growth, meanwhile, traditional field profit no growth, instead declined. ”

Although customization lucrative, but to achieve this is not easy, the biggest bottleneck is the acquisition and use of data. Designed to suit the most critical "sheet", for example, a skilled veteran in the past can play up to two a day, to produce 3000 suit, need 1500 experienced professional designers work, customized, cost-effective "Arabian Nights". Until the era of the Internet, customized road brings change. In more than 10 years of time in, red led group input hundreds of millions of Yuan funds, research accumulated has mass of version type data, and style data and process data, has has big data of support, away not and the of workshop type custom, was success of moved Shang has industrial production of line: "past why cannot custom, is personalized custom past gives workers of duties too complex has, they didn't approach completed, now with big data, built has solution of programme and algorithm, is put complex problem simplistic, we with 13 years, input several billion of funds, This thing is to do, it can be by means of industrialization, efficiency and cost, to do customization. ”

And Alibaba for representative of B2C mode different, red led group of industrial direct mode put brokers and channel business link omitted, into has custom service, such of production mode no longer is simple of price war, but do has industrial guide commercial, in Internet industrial tide in the, such of mode has reference meaning: "actually this times, most enterprise think Internet to eradication traditional industrial has, but, What is B2B marketplace commercial of nature no changes, but why many enterprise not do has, Industry must be in good health in the network age and leading the future of business. We are the real manufacturer, no middlemen, distributors and sell directly to consumers, this is industry leading. ”

Industrial direct case is the success of the Red led, and innovation and are not suitable for garment manufacturing, based on data of industrial production and personalization of traditional industries is of universal significance. Zhang agent said: "future we just clothing custom, more important of is solution programme, sold thought and sold method, while help enterprise sales, addition help enterprise upgrade transformation, market actually to we left has is big of space, now we is a enterprise, yihou we 100 a enterprise are according to such of mode, according to supply side needs meet, actually we maximum of obstacles just concept of obstacles. ”