China without a complete set of industrial processes and cycles, when when it comes to the age of the Internet, we have unlimited opportunity and room for improvement Wholesale marketplace.

Internet and industry 4.0 are closely related. In these two years, everyone on the Internet has different stages and different levels of awareness. Ma said the Internet infrastructure. This means that the Internet has become a very big concept, it represents a new form of society and ecology. Because the Internet infrastructure is, so now there is "+ the Internet."

In China, the past divided the industry into three sectors: agriculture, industry and services. In the past 15 years, a lot of money and resources into the service industry. From 2012 onwards, the Internet came to agriculture and industry. I think = Internet + manufacturing industry 4.0. Industrial 4.0 is included in the "Internet +" inside a module, there is also a very important feature of the Internet is now the Internet.

Many people have asked, that industrial change is not a new round of industrial revolution? Main manufacturing countries, such as the United States, and Germany, China believes that, once this is driven by the revolution of science and technology of the industrial revolution. United States in 2012, the industrial Internet, Germany "in 2013, the Hannover industrial fair" industry was presented at 4.0, was made in China with the Chinese this year 2025. United States in equipments, data analysis and business insight, innovation and other aspects of great advantage; Germany in the machinery manufacturing industry has a very strong foundation and accomplishment; 2025 made in China from the manufacturing country, China is in the process of transition to a manufacturing powerhouse of top design and path selection. Although the three countries have proposed different strategies, but in the end point is the same, are intelligent manufacturing.

Industrial 4.0 is a revolutionary concept that contains "1438" architecture. A network is information physical network system, that CPS; four theme is intelligent production, and intelligent factory, and intelligent logistics, and intelligent service; three a integrated is horizontal integrated, and longitudinal integrated, and end to end integrated; eight items plans is standardization and reference schema, and management complex system, and a integrated of industrial broadband based facilities, and security and guarantees, and work of organization and design, and training and continued of career development, and regulatory framework, and resources using efficiency.

Industry 4.0 large objectives are smart and intelligent manufacturing plant. Intelligent manufacturing is a very large system, because when disparate devices and equipment, between people and between people, between people and devices, connected with real time, inevitably generates a system connected to another system, composed of small system system system into larger systems. Intelligent manufacturing specifically, to smart factory, became both connection and integration between the machines.

Industrial 4.0 have five features, namely, interconnection, data, integration, innovation, and transformation. These features can bring people and people, people and objects, and objects are connected together. Global now, the important word is "connect". When the sensor can be connected when bound to a data, the data is very important. Through the clarity of data mining and analysis recycling, you can generate new business value. Industrial integration features of 4.0 can be understood as between horizontal integration and vertical integration within the enterprise. End-to-end integration is a new concept, focusing on product life-cycle value chain through different enterprise resources integration in the value chain, from product design, manufacturing, logistics and distribution, operation and maintenance of the product life-cycle management and services.

When it comes to innovation, United States's innovation priorities in the field of high and new technology, changing people's lifestyles; Germany innovations with emphasis on rigorous academic system, global high-end markets; China's innovation in business models, with a huge market and subversive style reverse globalization. Industrial 4.0 is the transformation of China from factor-driven efficiency-driven changes, requires a process.

Industrial 4.0 nine pillars of technology include industrial networking, cloud computing, industry data, industrial robots, 3D printing, knowledge work automation, industrial network security, virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

In China, there are a lot of people say to me, we are not after a full cycle of industrial processes and, when it comes to Internet, our base is still weak, there is room for improvement. Just because we have room for improvement, so have a chance, China Handbags Manufacturers it is also full of challenges. Around the world, in any country, industry is a force not to be ignored and, in relation to the long-term development of the economy, the industry is also a foundation. Let us work together to meet the coming tomorrow.