Mouse engine in bottom middle of location, highlights is mine snake to Ann China high custom of optical chip S3988, highest 6400DPI, is online many players often discussion of a paragraph optical chip, 6400DPI for I for is with not finished of some waste, after all home display only 24 inches, for display more big resolution high of fever level players for also is is has necessary of, anyway I not local, enough has! Mats before and after two blocks at the bottom, a very large area.

This year what the keyboard, mice, headsets and other peripherals not too shy a backlight breathing light shots, magic mouse wheel, DPI respiratory lamp design, Top Mini Wired Keyboard and the logo has a backlight, switch between different game modes in different colors, the color can be customized.

Top Department four a election items, respectively is main control management, and effectiveness set, and macro, and technology support, UI middle is various detailed of regulation set, main control management and effectiveness set when below is RTS/FPS/STG/RPG/TAR five a by career players habits set of game configuration, different of configuration with different of color distinguish, usually in mouse Shang with game configuration switch press switch mouse all backlight Lantern displayed corresponding of color. In addition to Player configuration keys all keys can be custom set DPI can set the 4 files saved to support XY axis adjustment.

Efficiency set wash can return, wheel scrolling speed and double-click speed, move the cursor speed, LED energy-saving lamp mode, line revision, acceleration, AFM cycle lights set. Line revision function is a good professional function, suitable for regular mapping of users, after opening the mouse can be used to draw straight lines.

Performance settings on the upper right corner there is a surface calibrated & lifting distance function, is the silent mouse height adjustment, net also introduced to silent distance, simply move the mouse up responses after instruction distances. Silent distance is 5mm, that the mouse off the face can also move the cursor within the 5mm, lift the 5mm above, the cursor will not have any reaction. Silent high functionality is very practical, fighting game mouse is inevitable in some moments from the mouse pad at arm's length, and mouse normally used for professional players might decide the life and death. Two different mouse pad tried calibration function.

Click calibration lifted from the surface into the upper right corner, the pop-up interface for opening function on the left, Personal USB Standard Wireless Keyboard the right is the mouse pad to select test, so your mouse is directly selected are stored, if other brands test your mouse just below the other, silent distance precision's own drag below the height can also be used.

Z-shaped movement in accordance with the requirements, complete store on the line, keep name when can test the mouse pad, you can use the new button to save more than one of the following test results usually selection of mouse pads.