Season into the spring, the Sun is shining, stacked stone pilot into the B2B marketplace for sourcing sunny market trading ways. Reporter yesterday from stack stone market CMC was informed that, as March 12, through stack stone market trade way export country by had of United States, and Germany, and Thailand, and South Africa, 16 a national, added to including Europe, and Middle East, and African, and India, and Central Asia, and South America, zainei near 50 a national, which to Middle East mainly, as "Israel, and Egypt, and Syria, and Saudi Arabia, and Jordan, and Algeria, and Iraq, and Kuwait",.
On July 22 of last year, the State Council agreed to international textile city of haimen stacked stone pilot market trade, haimen city, this is the first new deal at the State level so far. According to reports, market trade (customs code: 1039), is a qualified operator in the country identified by the departments in charge of Commerce procurement within the market area, single customs form goods worth 150,000 (150,000) dollars, and procurement to go through customs procedures for export trade.

On September 16 last year, stacked stone first successful market trade, November 12 pilot's business into normal export keeps on increasing, the most of any single exports exceed $ 7 million, much better than expected. Meanwhile, the leaders come to visit the guidance of haimen, Nantong, Jiangsu, perfecting a "new deal".

City Party Secretary Jiang Long requested, industrial park Jeans Skirts wholesaler, haimen development requested by the supply side reform on "fashion, shopping, industrial base, the city, International Trade Centre" position, and accelerate the market trading pilot, market trade exports this year to reach us $ 1 billion, and contribute to the fight for the city and even the development of Jiangsu's foreign trade. Not long ago, Vice Governor Zhang Lei rate provincial Department of Commerce and leaders of relevant departments to research, require high starting point plan, actively go and rush, further perfect the function of various kinds of facilities, early results early experiences.

Last year, the haimen pilot market views on the comprehensive implementation of the trade. Not long ago the market trading pilot programme issued by the provincial government, into effect. Haimen industrial park in order to increase market sourcing trade pilot focused on the impact of the new deal, went to Germany, and Romania, and South Africa, and Russia, and Japan more than 10 countries and regions, such as the promotion of the new deal, and at the fair, Frankfurt textile fairs, such as the international exhibition promotion.