"2016 Guangdong International Home wholesale fair" the opening of the Hong Kong brand factory wholesale City tomorrow, more than 1000 brands home series, number 10,000 (set) 2016 new home together, face the public factory wholesale orders. 10:00~21:00 of the day, limited madness 11 hours, to provide people with a incredible home orgy feast CRT TV wholesaler.

Chinese and foreign famous brand furniture factory, agents gathered in one Hall, staged the home furnishings industry together with consumers in the year's most magnificent, huge Carnival Carnival, members of the public purchase wholesale direct factory prices.

On May 28, the opening day 10:00~21:00, factory specials limited madness 11 hours home will set off again the public procurement of fiery passion. Brands are factory orders for special discounts and promotions, Office furniture, residential home 50 percent order. Custom furniture orders, mahogany furniture orders, 10000 kinds of furniture in temptation, as low as 20 percent.

10000 new "benefit" nationalities

It is understood that the fair gathered participation of well-known furniture brands: cheers, and love is blind ... ... The fair has a large, high accumulation, alignment, grade, low cost, good service and a full range of unparalleled advantages. Living room, sleep, software, complete suites, Board, mahogany and other category, including Chinese, American, Japanese, Korean, European, as many as hundreds of thousands of all kinds of styles such as classical, Italian-style home. Factory price wholesale order, one order, unlimited, and factory direct docking Supreme, 50%~70%.

"Super value card" hot sale

It is reported that this fair for the most influential heavyweight event of the year, for the annual VLS-brand manufacturers assembled. At present, the Assembly Super value card offering is hot, Super value card need only pay 20 Yuan, card opening ceremony Supreme credit 5000 in cash discount will be subsidies, multiple privileges such as free, many huge benefits radically brand furniture prices, was shocking upset by consumers to buy great value family-friendly brands, meet consumer demand for home purchase.

Buy furniture all furniture in the room lottery

It is understood that the full highlights of the current session, opening day will be heavy to launch multiple wonderful huge benefits: all furniture in the room lottery, 20 credits of 5000, factory specials explosions 20 percent and many other activities, public awards the right to take home. Meanwhile, the order on the day of the opening ceremony will also take "all furniture in the room Lottery", with a "Super value card" friends no purchase is required to participate in all Award activities in the room.

Southern mahogany boutique collection order

2016 international home wholesale orders of Guangdong in South China mahogany boutique collection order. Yong Botang, water square, Hing Fook mahogany mahogany mahogany great debut home collection, beautiful, exquisite workmanship, contains a wealth of traditional Chinese culture, ornamental, practical and the perfect combination of value and been sought after by many mahogany furniture collector and love.

All custom order furniture for the benefit

Hong Kong home brand factory wholesale city large scale whole-House Home custom Museum will fully put in fair prices Dongguan Factory, open home personalized custom times. Red Apple, Sofia, beauty poems o, Bo Mann, SW, room, such as Tian Bang custom furniture brands wonderful build-up, whole House Home custom Museum and factory direct orders, consumer direct-2016-new trend of home design, create their own personal space.