From the DOTA2, LOL, and COD and games such as CS GO more and more popular, game industry seems to have entered a "climax" Hot selling Gaming membrane keyboard. While various hardware manufacturers are unable to sit still, gaming peripherals industry campaign has become increasingly violent.

G.skill, as a veteran of the PC hardware company, recently has been "major move", issued specifically for gaming esports Ripjaws series in the area, has launched the mechanical keyboard and mouse products, the launch of two new gaming headset: 7.1 physical SR910 and 7.1 virtual channel SV710. This small series and everybody to probe to find the two "games" headset what is sacred.

First, look at the packaging of the two products. And are based on similar forms of packaging, and some "leakage of the atmosphere" through the outer packaging plastic protective layer, you can generally see in a pair of headphones are fixed to the internal, two distinction of product packaging is SR910 more red to embellishment. G.skill beautiful LOGO designs, set off the whole package, a little "eyes light up" work wonders.

Two main structure of headphones, and the appearance is the same spirit, this design language is the main style g.skill Gaming Headset (similar to the VW's "public face"), as the saying goes: first impressions are important! Under the family-style, two headphones at first glance are very "cool" and have a strong sense of "high-end", people have the slightest feeling of love at first sight, clearly distinguishable from the other brand of gaming headsets. Other specific details, please go take a look at.

Two Headphone Headset design, is also very similar, are leather-wrapped soft sponge, leather handle, smooth, soft (not chocolate), which filled a sponge is cadenced, rebound quickly, but not too hard. Whether two headphone headset on the ear "care" level, the overall noise is airtight, it is full of work, work under is really willing to give up the use of materials, which can be seen in all this g.skill comes to work is a little.

Two headphones in-ear head beam design, or similar, adaptive beam design, leather-bound to protein, beams on elastic sponge as the cache. The difference may be that the two "red". This is inevitable, two headsets are, after all, belong to the same range of products. Another point to note is that both headphones because the weight of the lot (SR910), and adaptive cantilever design popular enough "power" (because a small addendum to my head big? ), Xiaobian recommended children's shoes when using these headphones should be appropriate from time to time to have a rest, reducing pressure in the head.

Careful buddy see two headphone ear covers, obviously found something different, the main difference is that, while the outer cover of the two materials is basically the same, but the SV710 ear hood black more thoroughly, the black light. SR910 ear covers also the use of smooth plastic, but the outer cover is a semi-permeable "black", can clearly see the headset the following 5 different specifications and unit of aperture. SV710 just used a total of two 50MM unit design, feel about the sound, we will experience.

Two headphones with USB socket, and with a separate wire design. All wire, there was great mystery, SV710 wire placed on the two "big" volume add, subtract, press, press area, feedback, obviously, can allow players to quickly change the volume. But, not yet in the "+" button next to the just one more "hidden deep" side keys, key can quickly switch the volume add, subtract the key lighting effects.

SR910 uses a large pressing knobs plus two small buttons, a SOAP that is Visual. Rotary volume control knob and knob can be pressed, pressed to play a mute function. "SOAP" above two small buttons, microphone mute button and sound effects to quickly switch key, respectively. Quickly, in SR910 settings interface without having to open a case, toggle sound effects.

Here, the editor would also like to say a few more SR910 "soap box" controller, there is actually a Cmedia sound card, this sound card is widely used in various types of multi-channel headphone and stereo system.

Game combat, experience music project:

Test game: CS1.6 (please forgive xiaobian this die-hard powder), League of Legends (LOL) and need for speed 9

Why did you choose these three have it, because small believes that these three basic covers is now the mainstream game types, also these headphones in sound localization, environment rendering, sound vibration has done a comparison of the relative. (In fact, the main reason is a series of small computers Standard Chartered. Other games such as the latest: radiation 4, COD12, 18, and so on need for speed, run no more.

In CS1.6, both products of sound localization, voice a sense of direction and distance are very good, can "shoot" in the process of, firearms, ammunition, "clip-clop" sound, "fried" ear feeling good. If the differences between the two segments, I feel g.skill SR910 in "footsteps" separation of layers, as well as "footsteps" better sense of direction, after all, has a specialized decoder (sound card), plus 10 driver, the whole space is icing on the cake will be even more true of sound. SV710 's performance in this regard are satisfactory, but only a virtual 7.1 channel, after all, only two units solely by software algorithm (seems to be interpolating algorithm), simulation, and physical 7.1 channel there will still be a gap.

LOL and need for speed 9, two products are similar, can the in-game effects, voice, background music and so on, depicting the rich sense of shock, full of passion. Particularly in the need for speed 9, open the "awesome" super car, City went crazy with "Police" big "bump" another kind of atmosphere, vividly. The same situation, small space I feel SR910 icing on the cake will be more excellent, Shinny Transparent bottom cover gaming mechanical keyboard in-game sound effects accurate representation in all directions, forming a more authentic "game room" feeling.

Music performance:

Both products are the main professional esports games headset actually evaluate music, small series or they don't have very high expectations. Reason's gaming headset on the market right now, a lot of people feel "thick, mixing, boom".

Anyway, both products will get by in music, by contrast, make more like SR910. Not because of anything it 7.1 physical channel, but because the sound quality of this phone. Although SR910 is a gaming headset, but it did really well in terms of sound quality, low, medium, and Gao Sanpin, low frequency and not like any other type of gaming headsets, the boom head, feeling of tightness, but do give frequency emboldened enough, not too many, good elasticity. High frequency performance is also very straightforward, not too far the rendering component, overall sound is clear and clean. Sounds good resolution. Small series actually prefer this way, accurate restores music, "sound" is the headphones are supposed to do.

Nor the SV710 sound quality is a "slag", but compared to the SR910, it is more moderate, sound set-up more low frequency, used to listen to rock and roll, pop music works very, is also a qualified "music headphones", but its specialty is in itself not used to listening to music.