Nanjing customs releases updated import and export data in the province: in January-February, the province's total imports and exports 475.07 billion yuan, down 5.9%, which exports 301.75 billion yuan, a drop of 5.2%, imported 173.32 billion yuan, a drop of 7.1%. Import and export decline was narrower than the national average of 6.7%.

Tang Renjun, Director of Nanjing customs statistics analysis, back in February I provincial import and export volumes, China manufacturers and suppliers is one of the factors the influence of lunar new year. This year, the province imports and exports showed some positive changes. For example, United States a larger growth in the market, the first two months, the province's imports and exports to the United States to 81.53 billion yuan, an increase of 4.3%, of which IT exports products, mobile phones and other warming significantly, IT mainly exports of automatic data processing equipment and parts of 11.03 billion yuan, an increase of 15.6%, including laptop export 6.02 billion yuan, mobile phone exports of 2.19 billion yuan, 24.6% and 21.9% respectively.

From the perspective of industries and products, electronics and information industry, equipment manufacturing and automotive industry import and export performance is better, import and export of electronic and information industry 172.36 billion yuan, an increase of 0.3%. In January-February, the province exported laptop, Tablet, 17.54 billion yuan, respectively, and 5.48 billion yuan, an increase of 7.6% and 44%; export IC 12.89 billion yuan, an increase of 10.2%; export phone 6.08 billion yuan, an increase of 22.7%.

And the country, the province greater pressure on import and export of labor-intensive products. Two months ago, national machinery and electronic products, garments, textiles, footwear, bags and other 7 major categories of exports declined by 12.4%. Textile and garment exports in our province to 40.39 billion yuan, down by 4.8%.

Expert analysis, external demand remained stagnant, business environment under the background of tighter, I trade difficult word "Spring", still has a lot of pressure to defuse cold. From a few days before the end of the 26th East China import and export fair can see spot known appearance on.

This is referred to as China's "new year's first exhibition" exhibition, business volume fell about 10%. 511 companies participate in the trading delegation of Jiangsu cumulative turnover of 360 million dollars, a drop of 9%. Exhibitors say, attended by Japan and European and American customers have increased. In particular United States negotiate sold relatively well in the market, signs of improved EU market, the market order is basically stable in the hand.

According to the Organizing Committee of statistics, this exhibition contractors and buyers edged up 1.2%, but overall customers ' willingness to purchase is not strong. Trading delegation of Jiangsu, said overseas visitors to inquiry, wait and see, real talk, not much of a deal. Due to ECF commodities, such as textiles and garments, light industry, SMEs are participating subjects, generally weak bargaining power. Surveys showed that 53% business deal offers last fall, 38% companies offer flat. 60% said, according to this East China fair offers to maintain capital preservation. Rising labor costs, high prices of raw materials, logistics costs, and become the main factor pushing up costs. Recently, leather, polyurethane raw materials prices rose significantly. Especially in traditional labour-intensive industries such as textiles and garments, experienced low cost impact in Southeast Asia, diversion of orders also increased.

Weak external demand is also prone to lead to trade friction, and to export new barriers in our province. A brush factory in Yangzhou said Brazil about 20% tariffs on my toothbrush, and the same products to the EU imposed tax is 5%-9%, weaken the competitiveness of our products. Wuxi company reflected Egypt I 54%-77% anti-dumping tax on exported chemical fiber blankets and actual export taxes of up to 117%.

Difficulties and challenges are many export companies tried to seek a breakthrough in our province, pay close attention to "Spring" and look forward to spring. On this East China fair, enterprises in accelerating product development, strengthen patent design based on duocuo both resolve the cost pressures, competitiveness was better than peers. Nantong constant Kang home in Serbia set factory, through container land transport 1 days on can arrived Germany, market layout expand to Eastern Europe; Zhangjiagang maoxin home, traditional labor intensive enterprise began "machine substitutions", achieved production full process mechanized, drop cost mention efficiency; Wuxi Otsu series real active expand overseas warehouse and across border electric business business, Moscow and Los Angeles two a overseas warehouse has input run.

Haimen stacked stone international textile city market trading after the pilot started in September last year, exports rose sharply, until March 8, to the United States, and Thailand, and South Africa, and Chile, and Iraq, 25 countries and regions exporting 2295, with goods worth over 300 million dollars.

Provincial Department of Commerce said Ma Minglong, Director, in addition to the expansion of exports of stacked stone size, enlarged reform effects, I would also like to create a group of loud brands in the country, including Suzhou, started cross-border e-commerce pilot zone for comprehensive reform, promoting open innovation test in Suzhou Industrial Park, promoting Sino-Korean Industrial Park construction in Yancheng, become the steady growth of foreign trade, promote transformation of important new carrier.

Relevant government departments are also practical, foreign trade in theJeans Tops province a "green light". Not long ago, Jiangsu Quarantine Bureau formulated to support foreign trade growth and transformation of 15 initiatives, give tangible dividends of reform of foreign trade enterprises.