In recent years, "world factory" Dongguan transformation upgrade became media focused of hot, a international well-known media published a article entitled World factory myth burst Dongguan transformation affects China of reported, also caused has domestic opinion of concern, reported said, Dongguan in recent years suffered export market atrophy, and raw materials and labor cost rose, and Yuan appreciation, factors effect, Enterprise profit constantly declined, factory have evacuation, "world factory" of myth is burst. Article also quoted company sources as saying that the upgrade is not successful, Dongguan may turn into "empty city". With the "Internet +" thought the emergence of "world factory" Dongguan manufacturing offered new opportunities, reporters found, is located in the well-known IT services providers in Dongguan Guangdong information technology using the Internet technology to help domestic manufacturing to "Internet +" business management reform, Efull out of the new road.

Transformation and upgrading of enterprises using the Internet + results

Last March, the national development and Reform Commission issued a notice, agreed with 30 cities to create national model cities such as Dongguan. Create and guide through the national model city, Dongguan 3-5 years, built to "manufacturing" network branding and cross-border trade of electricity as the core of the merchant city, 5 years after e-commerce turnover of 650 billion yuan, electrical contractor application rate target from 40% to 80%. As a world-renowned manufacturing city Dongguan 18 industrial clustering effects highlight, forming a town industry brand features "clusters." Meanwhile, Dongguan has become one of the largest and most centralized network supply, according to intelligence reports suggesting June 2013 Ali logistics, national network of shipping first in Shenzhen, Dongguan's second.

Above background Xia, data drive enterprise, support enterprise commercial mode of Diego generation evolution perfect and more intelligent, into has Dongguan manufacturing enterprise new of requirements, corresponds to of, on gets marketing decision information of timely sex, and at any time changes of business report needs and huge of enterprise data, and the business statistics standard, and caliber of inconsistent, objective actual, are directly effect has enterprise gets marketing management decision information of capacity, and this all are is "world factory" Dongguan manufacturing enterprise in new normal Xia development are must immediately be solution of.

To better to solution above problem, domestic well-known IT integrated service provides business Guangdong full Cheng Institute issued "circle you I" O2O micro-electric business system platform, integration line online Xia resources, help enterprise created brand value, enterprise through circle you I established independent operation of micro-Mall, directly connection user, authorized agents foster user, using mobile Internet change commercial form, real achieved has line Shang and line Xia a full of, and integration of marketing environment, consumers will to independent of way and environment achieved personalized of interactive. "Circle I" O2O micro e-commerce platform on the line, the managers of manufacturing enterprises had built a platform to share data and information services, timely and accurate access to sufficient analytical data, for easy management, strategist, "circle I" O2O micro e-commerce platform help manufacturing enterprises "new normality, a new". Internet + era, manufacturing enterprises with "circle I" will be "the most efficient, the most market-oriented" structure, embrace this era.

Circle you and me: do brand O2O platform Integrator

Over the years, has a world reputation for factory in Dongguan, traditional industry base, but with the deepening industry development, upgrading Horn had sounded, and development of e-commerce is not only beneficial to the product diversity and rich development, contribute significantly to industrial chain development and consumption-oriented economic reform, this is an opportunity of industrial restructuring and upgrading.

E-commerce development over recent decades has been matured, it derived from a variety of models has been accepted. O2O as a new e-commerce model has attracted many entrepreneurs and investors. Compared to the traditional B2C and C2C,O2O advantage of online and offline advantage the perfect combination, it can realize the Union of the different businesses, makes the Internet a offline payment reception.

However, O2O patterns often because stores and Internet prices different manufacturing companies in trouble, Mobile Phone Case Factories than your online means no sales, if a cheaper than the entities and will make the brand franchisee discontent, some brands simply commodities with different ways of walking, affecting both quality and brand value. For this model disadvantage O2O, circle you O2O system solutions have emerged.


Guangdong integrity information technology business line integration, offline channels, seamlessly. "Circle I" the O2O distribution supply chains, O2O payment systems, intelligent storage system and unified storage facilities, also known as business flow, capital flow, information flow and logistics are integrated, "four-in-one" form a highly integrated information platform. While, through upstream commercial real estate brand Union of building and downstream directly distribution channel of building, maximum reduced Middle circulation link, and save purchase cost, makes Terminal wholesalers, and dealer and business households directly benefit, "circle you I" absorption has Taobao, and Beijing East and traditional sales of advantage strengths, improved has traditional Mall of shortcomings short Board, established formed has let consumers and enterprise through II dimension code fast docking, and points pin business and enterprise, and consumers effective interactive of new platform, Become a platform for mobile innovation Internet sales window.