Sponsored by the Internet Society of China, on the theme "opportunities and challenges of the new wave of intelligent manufacturing" "2016 China manufacturing Summit" held today in Shenzhen kexing Science Park, from the Department of Government information, information research and education units, information technology industry upstream and downstream enterprises China Desktops Manufacturers, industrial manufacturing business leaders and representatives gathered in one place. Vice President of dawning renjing schf, attended the Summit and made a keynote speech.

Dawn and total growth of industries in China

As an important member of China's information industry, in the light for a long time, with the advantage of research and development in the field of high performance computing and implementation experience, as a number of important areas of manufacturing industry in China to provide a strong support, implemented jointly with the industry and the national economy to grow. Throughout the development of the manufacturing industry in recent years, the dawning HPC advantage, has always been the traditional high-end manufacturing industries including machinery, materials, electronics, aircraft, automobiles, ships, aerospace, electric power and other important industrial areas of important backing.

In aircraft, for example, digital design process is a process of massive amounts of data explosion of the plane. As an enterprise specializing in commercial aviation engine research, AVIC shangfa built jointly with the dawning high-performance 70 trillion to industrial design platform for the research and production of core components of large aircraft in China to provide strong protection.

At the meeting, Vice President of dawning renjing schf says: "light from the day of birth, bearing the heavy responsibility to promote their own development history of China's industry and information technology. New era dawning will further cultivate industry applications, to provide users with a full range of technical services. The future, Dawn has the ability and confidence to continue to play to their base, industry understanding and industry location advantages, to promote the achievement of ' made in China 2025' aim to play a more active role. ”

Data-driven intelligent manufacturing

At present, the world is in the midst of a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution. It can be said that big data opens up new ways for the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry. In recent years, the State Council has issued a China-made 2025, and the State Council on promoting the Internet "+" action guidelines, promote data development platform for action and other policy documents, and also for manufacturing data creates a good environment for development.

In the age of data explosion, manufacturing companies acquire, manage and take advantage of the increasing amount of data, the type more data collection, organization, analysis and utilization of scientific, as product life cycles and enterprises ' production and management process provide a valuable reference, thereby enhancing the productivity, profitability and the level of comprehensive development.

Facing strong demand for manufacturing for large data processing technology China LCD TV Manufacturers, science Dawn was launched in April this year of "data China accelerated plan" strategy, clearly we must focus on the deployment of industrial data focus areas. Active play to their advantages of combination of scientific research institutes and industry, construction industry environment with a forward-looking, high-end vision, providing ideas and programmes for promoting intelligent manufacturing.

"The China data" strategy in the process, Dawn set accumulated set of business values, of local manufacturing industries now in data capacity is low, dawn in building data centres, facilitating data exchange and sharing, joint industry upstream and downstream enterprises and scientific research institutions to achieve collaborative innovation, and provide a range of value-added services such as core level, brings the user's system, the depth value. To help traditional manufacturing industries to create intelligent manufacturing platform of supply and demand, truly "made in China" 2025 "full implementation.