At its two meetings on "how to facilitate import and export trade" this social concern, Director of General Administration of customs in Guangzhou recently, positive response to this issue. Yu Guangzhou said that the existing import and export trade at present inconveniences Punching Machine, poor service does not issue in place, the Department will actively improve, and strive to enhance the level of work. Four measures have been taken, profiles up to four key words: double customs integration, reduce costs, and random inspection rate.

"Double" refers to the import and export inspection process, "check who" and "who search for" future is determined by random, customs officers cannot be changed. The measures for import and export enterprises on an equal footing, but also restricts the right to customs officials. Improves the efficiency of customs control and customs clearance efficiency, and lower business costs. At present, the full implementation of the customs system reform has been in the country, in pursuit of the random performs an inspection before July increased to 90% per cent, and to provide further application in the field of law enforcement.

"Integration of clearance" means in terms of customs clearance, the national integrated Customs into the country, "the country is off, turn off the world" goal, enterprises will be able to customs clearance anywhere in the country in the future, any local customs, from the integration of regional integration extended to national customs clearance. Customs supervision of enterprises will be more effective, will be faster, costs will be lower.

Customs officers will continue to strengthen its efforts to clean up import/export link charge, reduce the affiliated institutions and business entity service fees. In addition, the pilot carried out the inspection in Guangdong and Shanghai no problem contract lifting, shifting, warehousing costs, this policy is expected to be extended to the whole country, help reduce burden on import and export enterprise efficiency.

Fourth is to reduce the export "inspection rate". Customs will reduce export commodity inspection rate of about 1%, and increase the intensity of container inspection equipment is equipped with, for condition monitoring on site as far as possible take the form of computer, further improving the pertinence and effectiveness of inspection, this will save time for import and export enterprises, reducing costs.

Customs will also promote the "three mutual" big clearance building, CNC Machine Tools accelerating international trade "single Windows", optimizing customs inspection cooperation "three ones" and take some tax reduction measures, and makes trade easier, smoother customs clearance of import and export enterprises.