After receiving a one-year grace period, after a year of cross-border e-commerce go from here? Although bonded stocking pattern will become the leading industry voices said, but cross-border imports of enterprises to raise overseas warehouse enthusiasm remained high. Hugo networks understand the Jingdong global share, vipshop, honey bud, China Manufacturers are stepping up their pace.

In the near future, tree dolphins under the supply chain starts in a row in Europe, and Japan overseas positions. Shenzhen City tree tells Hugo network technology Corporation CFO Li Zhiqiang, the next big popular cross-border B2B. Germany, and Japan are scouring the sea top sellers in origin, if enterprises do not have large warehouses, cannot run in an industrialized way to supply chain.

Overseas warehouse layout of the road, where is it?

"While easing overseas merchandise must be sent to the bonded area to ensure timeliness and quality when policy tightening, then the commodity positions overseas, would ensure the flexible mobilization of the entire link. Overseas warehouse, warehouse direct mail is a very important platform in Hong Kong. When policies fail to reach the middle value, cross-border e-commerce metropolis to hoard the goods in Hong Kong, shipments from Hong Kong. "Li said. That is in Hong Kong, overseas positions, warehouse, a bonded warehouse on the lower framework after forming, regardless of the policy change, enterprise has comprehensive countermeasures.

Overseas warehouse layout is complicated, according to Li introduction, overseas positions early on has a lot of preparatory work. Eastern countries such as Japan and South Korea, or laws demanding European and will not accept a foreign body in the local rental warehouse. Enterprise distribution warehouse first overseas must have a company overseas. Secondly, the calculation of the entire layout needs to have a very strong bond. Because of the particularity of Amoy sea products, quality requirements of the warehouse itself is very high, but also integrated logistics with port or distance between the lines.

In addition, there must be a good running team on the ground. Overseas selling more and more products, follow the fake is more serious. If you are not in the local layout, only by local overseas companies will sell the primary way or through the buyer, then the stability and quality of the supply chain, product quality is easy to discount the probability of. If there is a team, after getting the sourcing, bonded stock pattern handling, which is excellent for quality and control of the supply chain as a whole, are also scouring the sea as a whole to continue to be a basis for industrialization.

"Under normal circumstances, local team abroad and local brands or agent, agent II signed an agreement to ship their goods to overseas positions. And then through the delivery of quantities, overseas positions of flows, in turn, counting inventory and inventory needs, "it is reported that the dolphins supply chain in the UK, Germany, Netherlands, and Japan, and Australia have already established their overseas warehouses.

Import business new: large popular cross-border B2B

Cross-border imports of electricity supplier for the coming year, and Li believes that cross-border imports of trademark goods buyer and will have to be weeded out, large cross-border B2B will be very popular. According to Li introduction, now models are mostly overseas goods Cang JI Qi, and by air, sea, and rail transport the goods to free trade zone. Future industry trends is the handling of industrialization, develop cross border B2B, Ear-hook/In-ear Metal earphone buyers the stragglers will be eliminated.

While the non-standard categories will appear fake. Overseas buyer buying it is difficult to ensure the authenticity of goods, on the one hand without direct authorization of the brand, from a variety of sources, and commodities of continuingly on the other, supply is not guaranteed, peddling fakes may inevitably occur.