Held in two sessions during the General Administration of Customs announced in February 2016 US foreign trade data, exports dropped by 20%, this is May 2009 United States subprime mortgage crisis of the largest decline, so during the two sessions sparked panic Mining Crusher. China's export figures have been going for nearly 20 months, imports fell more than 16 months, so all economic data, foreign trade this "cart" of the prospects is the most worrying. In my opinion, if the traditional since 1998 's "made in China" this path to go, now go through it, so must be a strategic choice of foreign trade. Since the end of 2014, we're seeing a pattern called the FTA model, which means that hopes to open up a trade window way of the SAR, the Government through tax collection and tax one way between the national peer, can open a window for China's foreign trade enterprises.

In my research process in 2015 and sees a new mode called cross-border e-commerce mode of foreign trade. Last March, the State Council and comprehensive experimental area of Hangzhou, as cross-border business, when it comes to December, 12 cities into a comprehensive experimental zone in this model. In the past year, Alibaba, HC, Dunhuang, represented by the e-commerce trade platform, under the national strategy, carried out a series of reforms. I think "Thirteen-Five" during planning, is likely to take the comprehensive examination area, Hangzhou as the new mode of cross-border e-commerce will become a new bright spot in China's foreign trade is a very important.

Cross-border e-commerce mode of e-commerce B2B and past patterns are one of the biggest differences between, first, the Government became an important driving force for China's foreign trade. Comprehensive examination in Hangzhou area as you can see, many trade-related government departments such as customs, inspection and quarantine, the Secretary for trade and industry, banking, and so on, these Agency services for foreign trade enterprises to the Internet, set up a platform of a clearance, then what is this benefit? Big advantage is that of decentralization. Foreign trade enterprises are no longer needed by way of rent, tangled every day in order to rebate arbitrage issues, efficiency greatly improved. Since taking office Prime Minister Li keqiang has been speaking to decentralization, to let the Government by an approval into a service-oriented Government, such an appeal of the administrative reform in the practice of cross-border e-commerce, we have seen a big boost. So, sometimes change is brought about by the technological revolution of the system, this is the first part.

The second part is more important, when all data are entered via the Internet to a platform later, we see a new picture, is a large data and real data of China's foreign trade. How many commodities exported by an enterprise this month, exports of this product to which country, buyers in this country on this product to evaluate how, and then how about capital flows into and out of the current situation, by way of data begin to appear. Dang big data began appeared of when, those foreign trade of service type Enterprise, like Alibaba such of on has has new of function, they can through big data participation to China whole foreign trade of a development speed in the, then may provides some new of financial tool, like Alibaba provides has e partner, and letter insurance and so on of some new of too Mining Milll, this is we in foreign trade of a maximum of breakthrough, we first times began with information revolution of means reform or revolution we of foreign trade industry.

Since last March, comprehensive inspection area in Hangzhou as a representative of Chinese pilot units, their foreign trade data has been greatly developed. Hangzhou foreign trade last year grew by 5%, is the capital of all the city's fast-growing, much of which comes from the reform of comprehensive inspection area. And before the two sessions, the Ministry of Commerce also had one spot in Hangzhou. Therefore, cross-border e-commerce with foreign trade operating environment, we will see new light and new spring. Probably from 2016 after the two sessions, we will see a new picture is that all concerned about China's foreign trade and China's foreign trade sector of friends began to be concerned about the birth of a new pattern of foreign trade--it's called cross-border e-commerce.