2016 E3 Games Festival will be held from June 14 to 16th in United States Los Angeles, from as early as the end of 2015 ESA Entertainment Software Association announced their E3 announcements were emphasized at the VR game show elements.

E3 games Expo is the world's video game industry's largest annual commercial game show. VR is now the hottest technology keyword, from the capital to the University entrance exam subjects, 6 buttons gaming mouse VR concept has been popular, some even predicted that within five years, VR changes the world.

When VR wind blows through E3, look forward we have to this year's E3 games exhibition, also has a doubt, E3 games show will appear on the real killer VR games, change the VR content and quality of the game had attracted much criticism? I check for you 10 VR to be unveiled at the E3 games, hope everyone concerned, get the latest information on VR games.

No.10 the ghost card: abduction

English name: The Hum:Abductions

This is a first-person perspective game of terror, developed by independent game Studio Towise. The ghost card game series after encounters an alien invasion of the Earth in the background, the player plays a survivor, every day, you will be a new section of memory, a new ability, a delusional and awakened, you will continue to be abducted, and to continue to fight.

No.9 ' war zone '

English name: of the Battlezone

Is this Rebellion game development company said the last century 80 's Atari classic tank battle game "salute the bold". Players drive tanks in the game fighting a modern war, the game colorful, texture full screen, strong rhythm, so we will have to wait.

No.8 of the raw data

English title: the Raw Data,

This produced by virtual reality startups Survios first-person shooter fires on every level. Game background is an evil company is secretly stealing human brains, making them into cyborg and sell for profit. The players task is to infiltrate the headquarters of the company and achieve their evil plan of the original code and will be made public. When the code is downloaded, a cyborg from the cabin you woke up and began to attack. Set in a wide variety of weapons and online experience, coupled with weapons and achievements to unlock, make this game full of sticky!

No.7 of the Everest VR

English title: the EVEREST of VR

This was built by Solfar Studios in cooperation with RVX adventure game, skyline has always been sacred to both the humans want to prove ability to climb Mount Everest, players in the game is to achieve the climbing of Mount Everest. In order to restore the details, using 300,000 pictures of high precision, thanks to the NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN x UE4, eventually rendering, games be revealed by the world's highest mountain to the Majesty of nature is sacred and inviolable dignity.

No.6 of the Eagle

English name: of the Eagle flight

FunHouse owned by Ubisoft Montreal Studio Team is responsible for the development of this work, allowing the player to experience the pleasure of free flight in the Paris sky. In the game, player avatars an eagle in humans for 50 years after the Paris sky and a bird's eye view of the famous landmark. Natural landscapes and wildlife return to Paris urban area, creating a provides unparalleled experience a wealth of free flight and adventure park.

No.5 of the werewolf game

English title: the Werewolves of the within

Ubisoft's creative was bursting out! Ubisoft Red Storm Entertainment research and development production in this, killing games, each player has a cartoon of the villagers, sitting around a circle together. Players through the lips, nodding, shaking hands and voice communication, and then Twitter find hidden lies and a debate in which "Werewolf". Game with VR equipment, greatly enhance the Telepresence, which overcomes the disadvantages of lack of interaction online while playing a board game, and liberated the role of judge.

No.4 of the river

English name: of the Riverside

Of the river game is a late surprise, developer Zockrates Laboratories in video description say this as Nintendo NX and OculusRift both research and development, it is considered Nintendo NX support virtual reality evidence. The Riverside is a casual game, game style of painting in rivers with river views and a pleasant, players need to find River as the river flows the source, can interact with the colorful scenery on the way.

No.3 of the bound

English name: of the Tethered

The bondage is a United Kingdom Secret Sorcery Studios developed the VR game, games are in living in a village called Peeps, mental energy every night Peeps village was stolen by the alien monster, once being stolen, mad Peeps will lose starting. So the players need to be built and upgraded the village during the day in order to greet the arrival of the enemy during the night. Just like the name suggests the game, seemingly free of peeps will always be tied in the village during the day, getting ready for the night over and over again.

No.2 the EVE: Valkyrie

English title: the EVE:Valkyrie

The Star Wars night series of games is CCP's immortal classic, the Eve Online: Valkyrie is a network of high-speed battles and space ship battle multiplayer virtual reality space warfare game. Play one player in the game have enhanced gene drivers driving from factions in the EVE universe ships plundered in space, as well as the driver's players can also battle to get rank and achievement, Usb optical gaming mouse to upgrading the player characters and unlock and customize more advanced ships, weapons and equipment.

No.1 of the harmonic music VR

English name: Harmonix Music VR

Sound shield VR through Steam fires a game was in the world of music, sound shield, however the single game mode and not rich game content to let a lot of players are mildly uncomfortable, now of the VR to harmonic music. In the game the player can hear 17 built-in songs, and transfer songs USB allows you to experience, in the process of listening to music has a VR environment to respond to the beat. Game set "easel" mode and "dance" mode in the "easel" mode players can create their own VR environments in reaction to the music, while "dance" mode, the player character designs for the game dance moves.