Cross-border e-commerce platform is mainly concentrated in Hohhot city, baotou, and manzhouli and Erenhot city, B2B Wholesale marketplace focusing on Russia and Mongolia. 5 home comes online cross-border e-commerce platforms are "urban shop", "Sino-Russian cross-border e-commerce" and "Amoy cross-border e-commerce in Inner Mongolia", "red O2O commerce across borders", "amengbaba", the main products include digital products, clothing, home appliances, baby products, home fashion, engineering machineries, building materials and other, mainly trading models for B2B and B2C.

Also, I district also has more than 50 more than enterprise using third party platform carried out across border e-commerce business, concentrated in Hohhot city, and baotou and, chifeng city,, most enterprise with Alibaba, and days cat international, China Living Room Chairs Manufacturers and China Cheng business network, domestic foreign trade electric business platform carried out B2B and B2C mode of across border e-commerce business, goods immigration way and channel contains traditional of general trade mode export and international post package,, export national has United States, and Mongolia, and Korea, and Italy, and Germany, and Indonesia.