As the famous domestic manufacturing city Dongguan manufacturing every outside attention. So, based on the industry in the past, Dongguan manufacturing how to change? What is manufacturing the future shape and role of Dongguan? With these questions, reporters interviewed Lin Jiang, a Deputy Director of the Hong Kong and Macao-Pearl River Delta Research Center of Zhongshan University.

South daily: in recent years, several large manufacturing enterprises in large decreases in the number of, or even some manufacturing enterprises China Computer Cable Manufacturers in Dongguan. Many people worry about whether Dongguan's manufacturing advantage, what do you think about it?

Lin Jiang: Dongguan is to "processing" who made a "world factory", and therefore the accumulation of vast wealth. In recent years, with the rise in labor costs, simple manufacturing and processing businesses unable to get good returns, profit has been compressed, resulting in many such enterprises from the market. Even so, Dongguan's manufacturing base is pretty solid, its advantages are. Dongguan manufacturing shows the industry is large in scale, the number of companies, industry characteristics, the industrial chain complete and perfect features.

Dongguan is a city on manufacturing growth, the manufacturing sector is the backbone of economic development, its industrial base perfect and full of features. Because of the internationalization of markets, equipment, technology, research and development, Dongguan industrial level rising, meanwhile, Dong Zhen Jie has gradually developed a full-scale industrial clusters, shilong information technology, big brown woolen, Humen garment, Chang Chang ' an electronic information and other metal molds, a number of industry clusters. These clusters are also becoming the backbone of economic development. With the support of manufacturing, a large number of commercial, catering industry rapid development of tertiary industry in Dongguan.

From the enterprise level, is large and small micro-enterprises in Dongguan city, which plays an important role in the whole industrial chain. If the huge systems of traditional industries is not adjusted properly, rush to transition to a new industry to take a big risk. Therefore, the enterprise will do optimized transformation and fissile upgrade from incremental expansion of economic structure, excellent incremental change.

Nanfang daily: Dongguan manufacturing next directions and problems requiring special attention, please tell us about your suggestions?

Lin Jiang: first, the business model changed to bear the brunt. Dongguan should innovation commercial of channel, provides diversified of products sales channel, Fax Machine wholesaler rich Dongguan enterprise of commercial mode; second, in supply side structural reform of background Xia, advance personalized, and flexible of production, again adjustment industry of industry State, optimization industry of standard, avoid capacity excess; in industry aspects, advance traditional manufacturing and modern services docking, through advanced of information technology, again adjustment commercial of mode.

Addition, I think Dongguan in transformation upgrade aspects need note several problem, first, enterprise to full understand market, on is into of emerging industry to has full of cognitive degrees and familiar degrees, clear enterprise itself of development target; second, Dongguan economic need "experts consultant" of go-between, pulse out commercial mode of variable, and channel of variable; last, from Government of angle, Government to strengthening on enterprise of guide supervision, for its create good of enterprise development atmosphere.