In recent years, with rising labor costs, in China to outstrip the export-oriented manufacturing production difficulties. The high quality standard of the local brand fast-growing, allowing consumers to enjoy world-class cost-effective technology products, is "China-made" goal

For more than 30 years reform and opening up, China has become the workshop of the world, especially in the clothing, hats, bags, digital products Luggage, Bag & Case wholesaler, home appliances and other consumer goods, to become the world's largest producer. Meanwhile, OEM mode also supports most of the world's brand-name goods. However, the consumer goods manufacturing industry in China is mainly engaged in manufacture, Assembly links, due to lack of independent brands and brands, with low profit margins. Worse is that in recent years, with rising labor costs in China, international brands to the diversion of orders received to Southeast Asia, Africa, in China to outstrip the export-oriented manufacturing production difficulties.

In recent years, some domestic enterprises have tried to take the road of brand, but due to the limitations of the traditional model, parts were not successful. The arrival of Internet and e-commerce, provides new opportunities for manufacturing plants in China. For example, in terms of branding, traditional practices require massive advertising and big business over the years, is only visible effect; and now the age of the Internet, rely more on the enterprise and the customer, "fan" efficient interaction, customer engagement, Word of mouth spread, phone, split silk, TÜV Rheinland German brands such as growth falls into this category. In canal building, the traditional practices are fair, conferences, distribution patterns, established at the national and global distribution channels, time-consuming and now more by way of import, distribution network, service provider, the rapid establishment of channels for covering hundreds of millions of consumers. For small and medium enterprises and the transformation and upgrading of the domestic contract manufacturer has opened up new spaces. Taobao platforms, there have been hundreds of transition from OEM factory "Amoy brands", such as Lin wood, Yan man-dress, red lamps, small electrical appliances, such as the bear.

The high quality standard of the local brand fast-growing, allowing consumers to enjoy world-class cost-effective technology products, is "China-made" goal. In 2015, Alibaba launched "China-made" project, with Taobao platforms, promoting the brands of major domestic industries with rapid growth. For example, in April 2015, "China-made" promotion of sports shoes in Putian, Fujian, during 4 days with more than 10 million people through multiple channels such as Taobao to pay attention to the shoes in Putian City, sold almost 300,000 pairs of shoes, Putian City, driving brand sales of nearly 160 million Yuan. Again, the early 2015 jimo, Shandong's wear manufacturing felt the chill the market, decline in export orders. Alibaba China "quality" project in jimo, China built over more than 50 quality children's clothing enterprises, only during the event for the first time on record sales of 30 million Yuan, and subsequent daily average per store with 10,000 yuan to 20,000 yuan in business. In November 2015, children's wear into the off-season, but "China-made" industrial enterprises is still busy.

Quality, benefit from the first-class manufacturing factories in China, "China made" project proposes standard requirements Laptops wholesaler. For example, all those involved in the "China-made" Putian shoes, their manufacturing standards are much higher than the international standard, national standard than the soles must be higher than 20,000 bending standards, product can be bent in Putian 100,000 times. Currently include luggage, Dongguan, Guangzhou women's clothing, shoes for men and women, Chengdu, Nantong home textiles, jimo, children's clothing, toys, Shantou Lions men's wear, Shunde home appliance enterprises in key industries, have been carried out in accordance with strict quality requirements.

Contract manufacturing in our country in the past to global consumers the cheap quality of the consumer experience, also present China supply side structural reform and consumption upgrading provides a solid industrial base. Today, the rapid development of Internet and e-business, not only for the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry provides a new space, a new path, as well as provides new possibilities for further optimizing the international division of labor. "China-made" and huge consumption market, the new Chinese brands of independent intellectual property rights likely to train.