On July 17, the pioneer in virtual reality game makers cat technologies (BELLCAT) and detached VR games interactive launched officially stationed in Wangfujing mall stores on the right of the group.

Into one of China's leading commercial Wangfujing shopping center B2B suppliers, this will be the first VR game makers and offline entertainment hardware manufacturers in depth examples of strategic cooperation.

It is reported that trump card developed by the transcendent interactive design armor and shooting spree based on cat technology developed by VR game depth customization. Through two specialized hardware and content development vendor cooperation, this combination will bring more good to users in the form of online entertainment experience.

Operation pattern under the different line unilaterally, since VR games manufacturer involvement, will provide both offline entertainment devices with more complete and in-depth technical support. That combination of soft and hard forms of cooperation in ensuring the best VR gaming experience at the same time, players for the VR game's feedback will be quickly addressed and optimized.

According to the site's staff, players experience through a sweeping code to complete the payment and, moreover, VR game progress will also be reserved for players that allow you continue to the next game. This more complete experience will increase the players many games possibilities and viscous, early adopters of VR experience will not only under the line, but to experience a full VR games. After many players experience this form of praise.

And when it comes to these two VR games, the device carries the games are quality VR game of CAT technology. The storm 2 is the mirror of the storm action platform installation above 60,000 of the operation storm PC-side sequel, another game the ACE armor players will bring sci-fi style VR shooting game experience. Virtual reality game by leading vendors sit, could also bring better VR gaming experience for players.

The share of proceeds within a year of opening, into the 300-store

Jingle cats CEO Li Hanyu introduction of science and technology, online shops on both sides would take the form Light Strike Mechanical Keyboard - B740A of the share of proceeds on the business model, part comes from the line of user consumption of water sharing, others will come from hardware sales revenue shares. This proceeds in the form of closer cooperation will allow the two companies, giving the two sides more motivated to constantly optimize the product experience and introduce more VR line project.

Talking about future plans, Mr Patrick LI Hon-Yu said, next year we will work with the national retail, commercial real estate giant opened or entered under 300 lines of cooperation experience store, let the VR game scale, it will be the cat from the VR game developer to the VR line of business of the clarion call. Meanwhile, cat will continue to be committed to excellent VR game development, through the VR line business, cat the research and development of VR games players will receive more tests, this will also help cat road to game development for the future of science and technology.