MSI motherboard is a MSI B85M Night Elf the night elves manufacturers made a brave attempt to multiple high-level core technology rubber coating gaming mouse into a small MATX form factor motherboard designed to have originality. While the extinction of PCB and LED audio splitters allow this small plate with a MOD value, is the appearance of the party's taste.

B85M Night Elf Elves followed army regulations the GAMING series of fourth-generation materials, also Killer killer LAN adapter and Audio sound Boost Imperial technology. In addition, the MOD in order to meet the player's tastes, the night elves into LED backlight system, players do not need to purchase additional LED tube, can match a set of cool hosts.

B85M Night Elf Elves hit four features, WISPs of light (Shiny), Boots of Speed (Speed), Elf (Stable) and earth-tone (Sound).

Wisps of light (Shiny): motherboard LED backlight system for night elf glowed in the night, allowing the player to experience different visual feast. Red LED lighting red and black colors of the motherboard design is even more consistent, lights turn on or off through the BIOS settings, with special reference to Chinese gamers love cool light design design, eliminating the need for additional costs of purchasing the LED lamp retrofit, are also very suitable for chassis modification MOD player.

Boots of speed (Speed): Night Elf killer carrying Killer LAN network card allows players to fully experience the fun in the game without delaying the speed of your network. Killer network card automatically detects your network bandwidth for other applications, and to accelerate the rate of online games, enjoy the lowest latency in the game, the most stable network connection and added anti-electromagnetic cover, make a layer of network stability.

Elf Power (Stable): Night Elf forces coming from the highest quality materials, ensure that gamers can enjoy a 100% of system stability. Black gold inductance (Dark Choke) better power efficiency and thermal performance Japanese solid capacitors (Solid Cap) all use the Japanese nijikang (Nichicon) capacitors, capacitor is more stable than the average, longer life. Night Elf forces coming from the highest quality materials 6 buttons gaming mouse, ensure that gamers can enjoy a 100% of system stability.

Earth tone (Sound): Audio Boost audio and Imperial technical voice of the night elves ' special skills through MSI exclusive audio and Imperial technology, slight sound will not hide again, is the most excellent audio solutions.