On May 11, 2016, the three-day Asian Consumer Electronics Show opens in Shanghai, for the fast-growing Asian market future technology innovation. The total exhibition area of 32000 square metres of exhibition Search for China Manufacturers, various industry experts gathered here, from 23 countries or regions 375 international companies will also introduce their new products at the exhibition.

It is reported that this exhibition focus on 3D printing, robotics, wearable devices, unmanned aerial vehicles, automotive technologies, such as virtual reality and intelligent home products, global eco-systems are comprehensive exhibition and presentation of science and technology. While BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Chevrolet, Volvo bus companies and Internet companies to achieve "Internet +" working closely together. Green car magazine that brings you to the North, which will occur next in the lives of people in technology, will be like.

BMW I interconnection in the future concept car

BMW showed the public at BMW I Vision Future Interaction Concept Car (BMW I interconnect concept cars of the future), this is a highly automated driving the car of the future into reality. Interconnection in the future concept car of BMW I drive mode selector switch is located in the left side of the steering wheel, used to select three different driving modes: autonomous driving, driver assistance, automatic driving mode. "Autonomous driving mode" can bring BMW has always been typical of pure driving pleasure. "Secondary system" passive use only warning, do not actually interfere with the vehicle's control. When the vehicle is in "automatic mode", the vehicle can control, change lanes and move on their own, independent acceleration, braking and steering fully without driver intervention.

The car's unique combination of head-up display system, with three dimensional display instruments and 21-inch panoramic monitor brings a whole new experience, the data from your mobile device to the vehicle's transmission.

In addition, an upgraded version of gesture control (AirTouch) full recognition of hand movements through the sensor and let the occupants in a concise "telekinesis" control features inside the car, reduced control possibilities distract the driver's attention.

Mercedes-Benz in the exhibition are on display at the air-powered smart CONCEPT concept cars IAA. Mouse Directory Mouse wholesaler It is reported that the car body design optimized aerodynamics, using a large number of active air force component when the button or when travelling at more than 80 km, changing the aerodynamic components, body shape changed, thereby regulating aerodynamic performance. Eight components can extend the rear 390mm, bumper flaps can move forward out of the 25mm back extension 20mm. All aerodynamic component starts, the drag coefficient dropped from 0.25 0.19 per cent.

Concept IAA for hybrid drive mode, gasoline engine and electric motor combination, the total output power of 205-kilowatt. EV mileage is 66 km in 28 g/km carbon dioxide emissions can be controlled. In the regular mode, 31 g/km carbon dioxide emissions.