General styling see, ASUS GK1100 RGB of layout and mainstream mechanical keyboard and no too big difference, keyboard measurements size 456.5 (long) x148.5 (wide) x23 (high) mm, heavy about 1080g, Black Aluminum match more close of 108 key distribution key distribution, great degree of reduced has ontology size, plus sides and LOGO at knowing changes, keyboard overall visual effect get has sublimation.

ASUS GK1100 RGB cover made of metal material and are frosted, texture, very strong, and is worthy of praise, Wireless Gaming Mouse and its edge was curved, very smooth, process, and in part of the CAP, which does not use a floating design of the now popular, instead of using the traditional Cap design, Visual effects more retro.

In work dealing with the ASUS GK1100 RGB also maintained a high level of play, from the side of the junction you can see, the joints are also quite close, even the nails are basically not.

We have mentioned before, is specially designed for ASUS GK1100 RGB icon, different from traditional print design, button icons simplify the sense of science and technology, and this design brings a better visual effect, but for average users, has FN+ the traditional shortcut functions but there is no indicator icon, will still be a bit inconvenient, users also need a certain amount of time to adapt. In order to reduce misoperation of the keyboard, the more commonly used WIN locks and multimedia control buttons from the independent out of the FN+ operations, Division in the corner, this design is also made to the CAP does not have an identity made up.

ASUS GK1100 RGB Cap ABS double injection molding process, print design, coarse lines and with a sense of science and technology, as to whether this bold users pay depends on personal preference, not tired described here. ASUS GK1100 RGB Cap light is pretty nice, soft to the touch and finely ground sand surface difficult to Polish, but the walls are thinner and feel a hard look a bit cheap. Of course, given the shaft CHERRY MX RGB high shaft size suitability, later users replace OEM height class, and PBT, POM material of CAP is very convenient.

ASUS GK1100 RGB key satellite coaxial design, this relatively mature programme has also been widely used in the series, balance bar, satellite axis space bar more smooth, whether tapping the space bar where, we can feel the crisp feel, overall was pretty good.

In today's popular domestic bearings, ASUS GK1100 RGB uses CHERRY MX RGB green axis, such upgrades is faith collaborates, feels crisp green axis, combat sense is indeed very suitable for typing, use Office, depends on whether the next person can stand the noise. Is different from the conventional green axis, CHERRY MX internal RGB green shaft in shaft configuration LED SMD lamp, with a transparent shaft cover, full color light color is realized, in order to enhance the Visual effect, ASUS GK1100 RGB plate polished lacquer-free, to further demonstrate the RGB lighting effects.

Over the keyboard, ASUS GK1100 design is still in place at the bottom of the RGB, anti-skid mats available, Terminator Gaming Mouse can good anti-slip effect. In addition, have holes in the bottom edge of the keyboard configuration, in case the user accidentally spilled the water glass can also play a role in the diversion.

ASUS GK1100 RGB's outlet was through the design, which uses a three-outlet to meet the vast majority of users to environments and card part of the wire are surprised, and it is also large production of quality assurance.