With domestic B2C singing all the way, as well as follow-up of oligopolistic competition and niche competition, domestic large B2B owners began thinking, China B2B future lie? Tens of thousands of B2B companies in China where living space and development opportunities? Editing integrates a number of B2B trading platform operators and experts opinions, summed up this paper, rough analysis of China's troubled B2B, Dongguan Factory, Wholesale Various High Quality Dongguan Factory Products from Global Dongguan Factory Suppliers and Dongguan Factory Factory problems and development opportunities in the future, want to give all our fellow workers to provide effective reference guide:

One, the plight of domestic B2B: 1, mature customers: SMEs along the coast and gradually mature, after more detailed understanding of network marketing, many small and medium enterprises gradually began to direct for SEM and landing various B2B platform for free. Sales talk hard to renew.

2, strong alternative products: search engines (Baidu, 360, etc) become a B2B Portal of alternative delivery positions.

3, Giants competitive pressure: Alibaba, Marco Polo, HC, continuous optimization, niche vertical roots, the special HC, as well as Marco Polo down in the accurate data integration effort. Meanwhile, a large number of free, small B2B platform for publishing information also formed their vicious competition.

4, service cost of sales: the traditional sales model is building a marketing team to business executives one on one sales, telemarketing and even visiting relative high cost of services.

5, the site's core value is low: many B2B platform is also largely confined to the supply and demand information release and searching. A number of free and RIP, the software automatically sending information, or outdated information on the site value is hit.

6 transaction immature: domestic, industrial procurement preference relation marketing, not form directly to the B2C sale; online in advance, saving on travel costs are also part of its current value, and a large number of sales need interviews, visits, or even collective assessment was reached.

7, integrity protection need to be improved: integrity and financial payment systems is not obvious. Third party's confidence is not high.

Second, the B2B business model is not obvious:

1, membership fees: domestic B2B membership fees in the thousands of Yuan (around 2000~5000) (contains: integrity and authentication, see eligibility, set Web site), the more common pattern such as Alibaba Alibaba, HC trading, and trading treasure.

2, online ranking for advertising in their various forms: search results, images, bold red, PPC. (This becomes second largest toll way except the membership fee)

3, Conference fees below the line, exhibiting, sponsorship fee: influence by industry organizations or groups participating the exhibition.

4, print advertising: some traditional owners is still acceptable, at least you can see the glossy magazine advertisements.

5, other research, data services fees: transaction data through the industry's resources and provides data for enterprise reporting.

6, trading commissions: as few online deals, inconvenience of large financial transactions, very few sites can monitor the deal charged trading commissions, such as the current domestic industrial goods purchasing for more famous sites-the best Android marketplace is also impossible to achieve the perfect mode.

Third, the future of B2B opportunities:

1, professional Division of labor and industry trends: social trends is specialization, professional people to do professional things focused on the cost of production and process improvement of industrial enterprises, and network marketing can be outsourced to a professional company, or integration of its own resources.

2, expanding potential customer base: the State vigorously develop Midwest areas, promote the urbanization process, a large number of business; and a new generation of entrepreneurs with a generation of sophisticated Internet marketing concept, education customer costs lower.

3, market demand and creative space: small and medium enterprise market, effect of various types of product marketing creative space is very big.

4, vertical segment opportunities: industry still has a lot of mining in the area of space. Complete B2B cannot meet the needs of Professional Enterprise.

5, networks, new media and styles, needs to integrated marketing agency: SNS, Twitter and other platforms and SEM, CPS and other marketing tool need professional team.

6 opportunities for innovation, facilitates the transaction products and services: China shoes, China shoes Manufacturers & Suppliers Directory, Find here china shoes Traders, china shoes Producers, china shoes Exporters in the area of industrial tools for trading and purchasing decisions, as well as access to services such as purchasing, distribution systems within the enterprise space.

7, the rise of wireless Internet platform: wireless connectivity the rise of B2B buyers are often more contact networks and rapid retrieval possible.