Status: trade means a single, foreign trade enterprises in crisis

Democratic Progressive Party full-time Deputy Director Zhao Xiajuan said that in order to write this collective proposal, they surveyed a number of foreign trade enterprises, foreign trade enterprises in financing was found, Sports Shoes single mode of foreign trade, export product competitiveness problems.

Mr Wang's enterprises mainly produce LCD TV bracket for many years by "split" with a United States customers. However, since late last year, he had a bad day. "In accordance with the situation in previous years, the United States under the customer orders for about $ 5 million, but he said lack of cooperation by the end of last year. I know from other sources, the United States customer went bankrupt. "Wang says," losing a key customer, businesses even functioning are difficult. ”

Foreign trade situation also makes certain benefits from subsidies in the export market business is struggling. Mr Yang's business is making solar panels, its products are mainly sold in Europe. Due to the impact of the European debt crisis, European Governments for solar power subsidies sharply, the European solar market demand. "The current solar panel exports, falling profits, companies could feed the workers is a problem. "Mr Yang said with worry.

Foreign Trade Enterprise "existential crisis" topic was Ningbo, many NPC deputies and CPPCC members to the "two sessions", the suggested that the Government improve policies, guide enterprises to optimize the structure of export commodities. Meanwhile, Ningbo City Bureau of foreign trade and economic cooperation official also said, in the face of the "cold ice" Ningbo foreign trade enterprises to prepare themselves, overseas marketing agency in advance.

Numbers: Europe and the market downturn in exports falling

As a typical export-oriented economic cities, confusing effect on Ningbo foreign trade caused by the debt crisis in Europe and should not be ignored, foreign trade enterprises profits shrunk dramatically and needs is an indisputable fact.

On Ningbo foreign trade and economic cooperation official website "statistical data" column, reporters found that exports last year after falling in the second half of this year. In January-February this year, Ningbo foreign trade growth is still flagging growth rate continued the downward trend of last year. Compared with national and provincial, the gap is gradually increasing. Data show that 1-in February, export and import, export and import growth below the 7.9 5.7, and 11%, respectively, below 4.0 and 1.3 in the province and 8.6%, respectively.

In February, exports of clothing, shoes, bags drop over 30%, effect of 5.8% increase in exports in February; by the European debt crisis, in January-February, the larger decline in exports to the EU, fell by 6.3%, which in February fell 23.3%.

Industry analysts point out that, at present, the foreign trade situation this year than last year, difficulties will increase. European and American market-oriented enterprises in particular, Europe's debt crisis, the renminbi and other factors may lead from Europe and the United States orders. In addition, the RMB exchange rate volatility was extended by 5 per thousand to 1%, this change will also affect to some extent the Ningbo foreign trade enterprises ' exports to European and American markets.

Strategies: having more overseas marketing agency that works well

In the case of the external market demand, many apparel companies are looking for measures of foreign trade, and reduce losses.

Global resources introduced Sales Director Chen Zuoling, some foreign trade companies in international market demand without turning to the domestic market, to expand the domestic market share is insufficient to offset the export pressure. In addition, the internal revenue and exploring South America, Africa and other emerging markets is also an important part of enterprise initiatives.

The Democratic Progressive Party proposed in the proposal: "in the context of the European debt crisis, Boots foreign trade enterprises can grab some raw material prices lower than the domestic market opportunities abroad, using post to earn greater profits, while foreign trade enterprises to focus on industrial upgrading, improve the scientific and technological content and added value of the products. "Zhao Xiajuan think, in response to the European debt crisis, foreign trade enterprises to go overseas to establish overseas marketing agency is a viable option, so you can understand foreign market demands in a timely manner. If you transfer the business to the Midwest, Zhao Xiajuan recommends "arms transfers", this enterprise will optimize your production environment.

An official of the Ningbo foreign trade and economic cooperation Bureau said,at present, Ningbo enterprises have set up overseas in over more than 1000 marketing agencies and taste the sweetness.