The "Twelve-Five" period, Guangxi foreign trade exports each year to keep growth above 15%, pulling the Guangxi foreign trade continues to grow. Especially in the international economic downturn, the national foreign trade down in 2015, Guangxi's foreign trade in the processing trade doubled contrarian growth stimulated by planned measures, such as 15%, to achieve "Twelve-Five" perfect ending.

In accordance with the garment industry practices, is the busiest in autumn and winter seasons. Clothing of the Huangpu River (guigang) Ltd, Bluetooth Customized Fashionable Best Headset entered the production season began last August, 18 production lines and 3 knitted, woven production lines operate at full capacity. Executive Commissioner Li Dongcheng told the authors of the company, as the processing of foreign trade enterprise, our products are mainly exported to the United States and the Netherlands, and Canada, and Singapore and other countries. Li Dongcheng said: "our company to strengthen technical training of staff, strict quality control, improve the international competitiveness of the company's product. ”

Since Guangxi carrying out the "processing trade doubling plan", the Beihai export processing zone to maintain strong growth momentum. Zhuhai Luo is a company printer consumable production enterprises, products are exported to Europe, America, Asia/Pacific, Middle East and Africa and other countries and regions. The end of June 2015, the company integrated printer consumable production projects in Beihai export processing zone went into operation.

Tian Luo Group General Manager Mr. Wang Heping said, "Luo to the Park today will invest more than 100 million Yuan, annual output value of over 500 million Yuan, we will strive to become China's and the world's top 3 of general supplies manufacturer. ”

In 2014, the Guangxi launched "processing trade doubling plan." In 2015, in Dongguan, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Suzhou in Guangxi, Hong Kong, Taipei, Seoul, New York and other processing trade industry at home and abroad cluster areas of Guangxi processing trade investment promotion or presentation, close contacts and docking. Local tax relief by settled in enterprises by means of optimizing the industrial transition conditions, successful introduction of electronic information, chips and other high-tech projects. For processing trade business investment in fixed assets, investment, plant rental, staff training and other fees continues to support, to a large extent, ease the burden on enterprises.

Nanning customs Deputy Commissioner Wang Yadong said: "in 2015, the earmark in Guangxi for the implementation of processing trade, promoting investment, B2B China manufacturers and undertaking industrial transfer, to reduce burden on processing trade enterprises work. The scheme led by 2015 in the huge increase in processing trade 27.8%, 5.1% driving Guangxi foreign trade growth. ”


According to the General Administration of customs informed the 2015 buck maintained a steady growth in foreign trade in Guangxi. Its total import and export value of more than 310 billion yuan, an increase of 15%, higher than the national growth rate of foreign trade 22%.