In recent years, under the influence of weak external demand and other factors, China's foreign trade situation is grim, the Wholesale marketplace difficulties faced by enterprises increase, as a window of China's foreign trade, fair's historical mission is injected new connotation. In the current situation, the Canton fair take an active, for enabling enterprises to play "Punch": do everything possible to help reduce costs, trying to guide the transformation and upgrading.

Reduced booth fee, reduce the burden on enterprises. Although current export channels and trade is becoming more diverse, but there are still a number of companies rely on the Canton fair to exploit the international market, which requires a fair and constantly strengthening the sense of responsibility and service awareness, to provide exhibitors with more preferential measures in order to better serve the country's foreign trade target.

To thoroughly implement the State Council a series of documents support the steady growth of foreign trade structure, effectively to reduce burden on business, and supporting companies to enter the international market, the 119th session of the Canton fair will further reduce the cost of exhibiting companies. This reduced fee of unprecedented export area the average booth fees lower than the 117th session of the Canton fair 4000 Yuan, decline to 18% total to reduce burden on business of 240 million Yuan, in addition, the Ministry also further expressly for each group of Museum exhibition to the exhibitors shall not be subject to any other charges. This will greatly reduce the burden on enterprises, reflects the fair exhibitions of pragmatic and positive attitude and strong determination to tide over the difficulties with the vast number of enterprises.

This is not a fair fee reduction initiatives taken for the first time. The 118th session of Canton fair held last autumn the average booth fee reduction 2430, overall cost of 144 million Yuan, and against illegal charges, 24,000 exhibiting foreign trade enterprises to the enthusiastic response, think big, high gold content, targeted, effective to reduce burden on business, and boost industry confidence, stimulate the activity of foreign trade enterprises have played an important role. Believe fair fee reduction initiative, strong support for enterprises to reduce costs, overcome difficulties and boost China's foreign trade stable to good.

Actively guide the restructuring, boost innovation and development. On one hand, leveraging the "brand shop Windows", trees typically sold. In the context of current tough exports situation, adhere to the trade fair objectives to serve the healthy development of the national foreign trade, relying on the exhibition services, to lead innovation as the driving force, the brand during the 118th session of the Canton fair booth innovation launched "brand shop Windows" column, by providing free publicity services, to foster good innovation environment in transition helps brand booth enterprises looking for business opportunities. "Brand shop Windows" just launched that gain attention and praise, through online and offline interaction, exhibitor interaction is more active during the 118th session of the Canton fair "brand showcase" exhibits all exhibits is the average number of queries 3 times times the average query volume. "Brand shop window" to point to the role of promoting the Canton fair online combines; set a typical display provides a new way for innovation.

119th session of the Canton fair "brand shop Windows" sections to achieve a comprehensive upgrade: one is the boutique brings together industry, expansion of online exhibits. The new online "brand shop window" will showcase more than 1700 companies a total of more than 17,000 industry-leading, high quality products, export exhibition covering fair, product categories including smart appliances, smart bathroom, green home, health products, outdoor spas and other industry hot plate. Among them, including access to fair export product design award (CF) too sink dishwasher air Rubik's cube combination, Haier, galanz frequency microwaves, Cobos Bao represents the industry's most sophisticated, modular technology exhibits will also be "brand showcase" focused appearance. Second, search engine optimization, and buyers through precise keyword search goals exhibit, docking with the exhibitors an easy match. Third, stepping up publicity push, fair official channels such as through official website, Facebook, push the column features exhibits and information and increase awareness. On this basis, as the construction of "wisdom fair" an important part of the fair "Platform Preview" will be online before the 120th session of the Canton fair, fully integrated the Canton fair online display, interaction, promotion of exhibitors and other functions, covering fair 50 nearly 25,000 Exhibitor online direct access to professional buyers worldwide, to enhance the interactive experience of customers and results.

The other hand, selected excellent design, transformation and upgrading of power. Canton fair export product design award (CF) award is an important activity fair set up in 2013, is a fair response to the innovation-driven development strategy in China's powerful practice to award outstanding design value and the market value of China's export products, quality products and Enterprise benchmarking model role to play, formed point guiding effect. Three years, a total of 1209 enterprises involved in CF Awards, nominated products 1943, selected award-winning total of 155, active influence continues to expand, forming a "creation-development" a virtuous circle. On exhibition business,, selection activities as new of official platform, let products can face professional big buyers, and industrial design experts and industry research experts of reviews, and with fair of brand radiation, depth mining market value; on procurement business,, through selection activities, can multi-channel understand China of excellent design boutique, selection activities of follow-up promotion also greatly inspired has procurement inspiration, let fair of line more convenient efficient.

For active response China innovation drive development strategy, power "China manufacturing 2025" planning landing implementation, 2016 fair export products design award selection activities continues to held, focuses on upgrade held effectiveness, a is first by seven big products set awards and classification review, makes participating products only and peer or peer products competition, review more professional science, award chances also has upgrade; II is further rich jury constitute, first introduced economic or design class media judges, for selection activities brings more diverse of perspective views ; The third is rich in subsequent promotion incentives, enhance corporate and professional buyers dock effect, leading to trade. Call for current products are in full swing, as at present, there are more than 200 enterprise applications.

Excellence for excellence in information exchange and exhibition support services Canton fair has become world-famous exhibition, in addition to bringing together professional show business groups at home and abroad, providing leading information exchange also benefited from fair and exhibition services. Canton fair in a professional manner, is committed to providing a quality show experience, and constantly improve the exhibition features, access to our customers.

One is to enrich the Forum and exhibition, providing industry platform. Take full advantage of the trade fair exhibition gathered inside and outside the industry information resources, vigorously develop the fit enterprise needs Forum. 119th session of the Canton fair to continue to strengthen "exhibition of" "" interaction, promoting industry communication and branding to help foreign trade restructuring and power conversion.

Around national policy, and market hot and enterprise needs, organization international market, and industry peak, and design innovation, and brand marketing, and trend trend and technology development, 6 big theme of Conference Forum, and fair products design and trade promote Center (PDC) design show, and design docking, series activities, total about 60 field, including response China "area way" construction of Egypt international market Forum, and "area way: focused India" activities, to "big data, new engine" for theme of " China's home appliance electronics brand and Innovation Forum ", and to promote communication and interaction for the purpose of" global imported food promotion "activities.

Convergence design resources, promote the exchange of joint enterprises and design agencies. In order to solve the problem on the design side, promoting research and innovation, help promote China "think tank" development, the Canton fair was established during the 2010 108th Canton fair fair product design and the trade promotion Center (PDC), organizing well-known design agencies attended, sharing excellent design idea. 119th session of the Canton fair continues to design organizational power, arrangements designed display area of 1622.25 square meters, from the United States and the Netherlands, and France, and Spain, and Italy, and Korea and the U.A.E., and Sweden and China's Hong Kong, Chinese Taiwan and mainland China in 11 countries and 100 design companies and agencies in the area, to provide our exhibitors with a steady stream of design innovation.

Second, convenient transportation and guide services, to provide quality exhibition experience. Fair currently show in three phases, each issue of nearly 400,000 square meters of exhibition area, and customers shuttle back and forth in the massive exhibition hall, long and hard, exhibition halls matching facilitation of transport services is particularly important. 119th session of the Canton fair continued during the exhibition period, running in a clockwise direction around a and b, free shuttle bus Pavilion circulation, site running standard intervals of about 15 minutes each, the peak is full, each shuttle buses will be guided by staff members, provides exhibition visitors Guide and consulting services, sets, exhibition on English speech prediction site and station information.

Meanwhile, 119th optimization-oriented setting, in a prominent location at the Pavilion a new guide licensing, both clear and attractive for merchants to provide better direction. In addition, further design optimization Guide manual, exhibit area identifies more scientific details, enhancing the customers exhibiting experience.

Through concerted efforts and meticulous preparation, the people in front of the 119th session of the Canton fair, Factory directly offer plastic deep bass earphone is innovation, excellence, positive play the Canton fair, is about to usher in a cycle he, persevere in Canton fair. Believe that under the correct leadership of the Ministry of Commerce, in the spirit of innovation, supported by the 119th session of the Canton fair in order to promote China's foreign trade, and make new contributions to the steady and sound development.