Reporter learned from the fair trade mission in Tianjin, the 119th session of China import and export commodities fair held in Guangzhou from April 15 to May 5. 250 enterprises in Tianjin has started to spike to attend has been called the "Chinese foreign trade barometer" of the fair, company directory showing image of Tianjin, promote corporate culture and make friends all over the world customers, improving transaction performance.

It is reported that in this fair in Tianjin, 250 exhibitors, 36 State-owned enterprises, which accounted for 14.4% private enterprises 201, 80.4%, become the city exhibition main; 13 foreign-owned enterprises, which accounted for 5.2%. New exhibitor 14, 5.6%. These enterprises, production-oriented business 101, 40.4%; 119 foreign trade enterprises, 47.6%; 30 industrial enterprises, 12%. This fair trade mission in Tianjin there were 723 booths spread across 46 exhibition. Among them, General booth 627, branded 96 booths; special booth 421, 302 standard booth booth.

Canton fair were held in three phases, an exhibition will be held on April 15-19th; the Dongguan Retop Furniture Co., Ltd second exhibition will be held on April 23-27th; three exhibitions will be held from May 1 to May 5.