21st century renewable energy policy network (REN21) was released in June 1, 2016 global renewables status report China Factories. As the most comprehensive annual review of renewable energy development, noted in the report, renewable energy is now in many countries around the world firmly establishing its position as a competitive mainstream energy.

Renewable energy installed capacity in 2015, set a new record. New renewable energy generating capacity of about 147GW, as the highest, in 2015, global cumulative installed capacity of wind power reached 433GW. Meanwhile, renewable heat capacity growth, application of renewable energy in transport is also expanding. Rapid progress of distributed renewable energy is shorten the energy-rich and energy shortage gap between groups.

These results are driven by many factors. First of all, compared with fossil fuels, renewable sources of energy in many countries already have cost competitiveness.

In addition, stimulating renewable energy, especially the growth of wind power and solar power China CRT TV Manufacturers, the Government still continues to play a key leadership role. By early 2016, 173 countries worldwide already established renewable energy development goals, 146 countries support policies soon. Multiple cities, communities and enterprises took the lead in the fast-growing "100% of renewable energy", which played a crucial role in the global energy transition.